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10 Facts and Personal Details About Bill Gates — Success Story Revealed

As we know Microsoft’s founder «Bill Gates» is one of the powerful personality of I.T. Industry today and most of the people wants to be like him. Many people know the Success Story of Bill Gates as Microsoft Chairman, but no one knows the actual facts about his personal and professional life. Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates (the world’s second-richest person) has revealed some personal details in interview with the Daily Mail which you have never heard before.

In interview with Daily Mail, Bill Gates has shared some of the secret which mostly people are not aware with. These facts are the true reason behind his success, So today in TechGlobeX we will tell you 10 Facts and Personal Details about Bill Gates which you should have to know and aware of.

10 Facts and Personal Details About Bill Gates, Success Story:

  1. His kids like to tease him by singing the song «Billionaire» by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars.
  2. He’s now given $28 billion to charity.
  3. His three children, currently aged 15, 12 and nine, will reportedly inherit $10 million each (although Gates wouldn’t disclose that amount in the interview), a slender sliver of his $56 billion net worth, because Gates says, «I don’t think that amount of money would be good for them.»
  4. Did U2 star Bono invite Gates backstage when U2 was performing in Seattle? Not necessary, because Bono was staying at Bill’s house that night.
  5. Now dedicating his career to his $37.1 billion charitable foundation, Gates says when asked if he’ll return to Microsoft full-time: «No. I’m part-time involved. But this is my job now.»
  6. Why try to cure malaria instead of cancer? Says Gates, «The world is putting massive amounts into cancer, so my wealth would have had a meaningless impact on that.»
  7. He haggles for good prices on vaccines: «We are super-smart about what we pay. We get price reductions. We can track how many kids get the vaccines.»
  8. People in Third World countries have no idea who he is. «They don’t know who I am, because it doesn’t relate to their world. I went to one place with the chief minister and someone said, ‘Who is this guy?’, and the chief minister said, ‘This is a white-skinned guy I brought with me.'»
  9. He has a Twitter account, but had a problem with Facebook: «… Because the friend requests got out of hand.»
  10. And the secret: Gates inadvertently revealed that his friend, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, is engaged to longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan. During the interview, Gates was talking about Zuckerberg and referred to Chan as Mark’s «fiancée Priscilla.» Oops.
«Facebook’s head of communications Elliot Schrage suggested that Bill Gates was mistaken. ‘If [Mark is engaged, Bill Gates] knows something I don’t know. Gates’s communications guy just wrote to apologize for the misunderstanding.'»

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