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10 Free or Cheap Ways to Market Your Business

When it comes to success in the business world, marketing rules the game. For any business to flourish well and outshine the competitors, proper marketing ought to be done to perfection. Products are promoted in order to reach the target customers on time and convince them that they have all the reasons to own the product. Previously, business promotion was efficient and economical, but as time goes by, internet marketing has twisted the events and has led to an anomaly like situation contrary to traditional marketing. Below are top 10 Free or Cheap Ways to Market Your Business.

However to survive the marketing game plans from competitors, there are six tips and resources to help you maneuver these challenges at long last. Marketing entails communication between buyer and seller, with the seller aiming at convincing the buyer to buy the product.

1. Social Networking Activities

These are currently the pillars towards reaching a broad customer base and marketing. Social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter handles, Skypes and many more available social platforms can be leveraged to boost customer awareness and reach a large no of people at once. They have revolutionized the marketing field to just a smartphone based activity.

Going an extra mile and creating training videos, promotional clips and sharing them via a social media platform will yield immense results to your organization. Using SlideShare to share your slides will do your organization a great favor of reaching a broad customer base. It boosts the customer reach and user education is facilitated with much ease in the process.

2. Information Update

Information cannot be used for a long time without updating it with relevant content. Bringing new ideas and concepts to customers helps to boost their moral and increases a product market base. One needs to provide accurate and up to date information to customers on time and on a regular basis. You will be shocked at how refresh rate can bring a revolution to your business.

Paying a writer to constantly update your website may come at a cost, but you can always do something especially about the website. This does you a great deal in marketing. It not only makes your customers aware of your product, it also educates them on new trends in the market and thus boosting the morale towards owning a product you intend to sell.

3. Winning Business Awards

Win a luxurious business award and be surprised at how customers will flock at your doorstep to have your products. This helps to boost your organization and creates a very positive image for the good of your company. This however comes at a price. Working for it is the only gateway to win one.


In your own business you have all what it takes to participate in contests. However, majority of companies may do the same, but take the lead, have an award. Pull customers to having your product through all legal means. Go for it!

4. Marketing Through Emails

You can always write incredible emails to attract customers. It may be as hard as it can be but, the end results will surprise you. Customers don’t take emails for granted. It has the ability to pull and make some form of awareness to new customers, provided that they need a product from your organization.

Emails containing right content have a great way of attracting customers. Try giving free subscriptions to your business on links contained in emails and live to witness incredible results. It assists to gradually increase subscriptions to your business in a far much better way than expected.

5. Participate In Several Events

You can always take part in events where other business owners may be taking part as well. This will do you a favor of sharing information with people of your caliber and helps you to promote your business as well.

In the absence of such online based events, try to host one. Make people come to you and boost the name of your organization. Let them know what you do or offer. To host them, flyers, noticeboards, and other print media can be used to mobilize the masses and in the event your organization’s name is building up for the better.

6. Try New Things. Specialization Is for Insects

It’s quite ok to exceed your current marketing potentialities. Venture into new markets, try new products and always have the customers get what they want. Customer satisfaction is the key driver to diversification in business. Implement strategies outside your scope and have the customer always right.

By doing this, more customers tend to go for what they need at your disposal. This is a great way of marketing and this comes only when you move out of your product comfort zone. Going beyond limits is not a show of weakness, but rather might.

7. Always Understand Your Time Well and Monetary Values


 As a student, you must have employed various time saving techniques such as utilizing online writing services to get academic help. Always consider where you spend your money and the time you use. Invest more time on profit generating activities and budget your income well. By so doing, allocate more money to marketing and see your business flourish. This means that, with resources designated to the right channels, positive results will be realized in the long run.

8. Network with Your Present Industry And Prospects

This is done with brilliance. A network is important for success in any business organization. No man is an island; people depend on one another in one way or another. Accept to interact with others despite their adversities and make something out of the network created in the long run. When partnerships are made, a broader customer base is created.

Understanding what the Industry needs and expected changes is a crucial marketer’s role. This will sharpen marketing skills and availing the right content to customers upon demand. Industry prospects in marketing aid in creating customer awareness on viable and nonviable products.

9. Priorities and Headlines

Big and fat headlines tend to catch the eyes of the website visitor, this crucial in marketing. Make your website bold and appealing to the eyes of the customer. With appealing headlines, more interest is developed by the customer and mission of spreading the word is achieved in a nutshell. However, its effect may be lost of surrounded by competing headlines and to avoid this prioritize your website well.

Try considering the visual hierarchies of your website page elements. Consider the ones that catch the eyes the most and those that do not. Asses the appearance and approve. Once this is done, expect a positive return in the no of visits to your website.

10. Offer Free Offers

Spend money to make money. Entice customers by giving them free offers on some occasions and discounts and this will permanently attract them towards your store. Make good of use of promotional products at the expense of getting your real products to customers. This enhances humanitarianism and boosts the trust and confidence between you and customers.


When it comes to marketing, there are no giving chances. Every little effort has to be put in place for the success of the organization. Always ensure that proper means of marketing are employed and that professionalism is observed in the whole process. Use all the available methodologies to ensure that customers are informed of the product you selling or services offered by your organization. Additionally, utilizing loopholes left by competitors should always be a priority to ensure that their weaknesses are transformed into success of your organization.

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