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12 Key Ingredients For A Successful Android Application

Every day, there are a wide number of unique and exciting applications released on the Play Store. People love to perform a wide number of tasks on their smartphone, like shopping, reading, playing games, bill payment, and so on & so forth.

Key Ingredients For A Successful Android Application

Various businesses, entrepreneurs and startups are creating different kinds of android applications to reach their potential customers. They are creating these apps considering the end-user experience.

As per statistics, there are more than 2.8 million apps available for download on the Play Store. Also, the market share of Android users is more than 75%.

From the above, we can say that Android has a huge potential. Hence, whether you want to expand your existing business or you have a totally unique idea and want to present it in front of potential customers, then you should develop an android application.

In order to develop an android application, you should reach out to a highly-skilled team of android app developers. They will help you build the application as per your needs.

But, before you develop an android app, you should be familiar with key factors useful for the success of an android application.

Without waiting much, let’s get started:

12 Key Ingredients For A Successful Android Application

1. Solve An Issue

A product becomes successful by solving the issues faced by users. In the case of a mobile strategy, it is very much essential to think big.

Before you build an app, ask yourself what issue your app will solve of users and how it will improve the lives of the users.

For this, make sure that your app is unique or it possesses enhanced features as compared to competitors in the market.

Don’t just make the app to earn money. If your app is not able to serve a specific cause, then it will not last in the store. Carry out in-depth research to find out the issues faced by users in the market and then develop the app based on the requirement.

2. Keep It Simple

This is the most essential ingredient in android app development. The purpose of the app should be clear and easy to understand and use for all users.

3. Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience before developing the app will help you to stand in line with the competitors. People download as well as pay for apps which fulfil their needs.

Developing an application for the targeted audience will allow you to include essential features in the app. Also, this is the main reason why a user will search for your app.

4. Focus On A Core Feature

The most popular apps mainly include one thing; however, they integrate it absolutely well. The majority of apps don’t provide needless features that hinder uses experience. Apps built with a targeted objective can help to deliver one thing that users need the most with ease.

Consider the one thing that pushes you to develop an android application in the first place & how your idea is different from various other apps available in the market. It begins with what value your app holds to offer, building a core feature, and making it fully attractive.

5. Delivering Awesome UI/UX

An attractive and smooth UI/UX plays one of the most critical roles in the success of an app. The app market is flooded with a lot of apps and therefore is difficult for users to depend on just one app for their lifetime. The majority of the time users lose their curiosity in an app if it is not able to deliver promised value and provides bad UI/UX experience.

The time which users spend in an app can be utilized by providing robust and captivating UI/UX. The user experience should be quite simple that users can find the thing they are looking for.

6. Application Workflow

When developing an android app, you should have a clear idea of how your app functions. You may think about avoiding this, but any app that you look in-store has a proper flow designed to it which was thought and planned down with the most basic details.

The most crucial thing is how a user interacts with the app. If your app has a lot of complex functions, then users will not use it. If it consists of just basic features and not enough functionality, then they don’t consider to spend their valuable time in it.

Basically, the main objective here is that you have a clear idea about how much screen you want to integrate into your android app, what will you show on each screen, and how they will be linked with each other.

If you are confused about this thing, then you can hire android app developers. They will help you to create a workflow of the app.

7. Intuitive Navigation

If workflow decides how your app moves from one page to another, then intuitive navigation is the uber-specific details of how to move from one page to all the other pages in the app. This means that by paying attention to the smallest details, you will be able to build intuitive navigation.

This includes the placement of individuals buttons on each screen. It also includes the placement of different internal links that will help you to identify different features of the app.

8. Customer Support

Customer support is not the first but one of the most essential ingredients for an android application. One angry customer can be responsible for various other negative reviews and damage the revenue of an app. The majority of leading mobile apps have a customer support team that does a wonderful job of shifting an angry customer to a more satisfied one.

9. Quick Sign Up Process

The majority of people don’t like to spend their precious time in signing up for a new service. To provide a better sign-in process, you can allow sign up using an email address and phone number. Apart from this, you can also integrate sign up via popular apps like Facebook and Google.

10. Maintenance, Privacy, And Security

Every app has a cost of maintenance after it is published. As soon as you release your app, you will continuously include new features, track how an app is performing, and inform users about what’s new. If your app collects various details of the users, then you have to manage these details properly.

Also include a privacy policy in-app, if you are collecting sensitive information from the users.

Lastly, don’t forget to provide proper security to your users. An app’s users’ data is very much necessary. Hence, ensure that you have a process to collect, handle, store and manage all the potential risks.

11. Proper Marketing Strategy

Even if you have developed your app as per the current market scenario, you will not succeed if you don’t follow a step-by-step marketing strategy. You can reach out for professional digital marketing company, they plan and implement the best strategy for your app.

12. Update Regularly

In this fast-changing world, it is essential to learn, measure and respond to the user’s requirement for your app to succeed. To maintain its popularity, you have to carry out the development and updation process regularly.


We have provided you with some of the most essential ingredients useful for the success of an android app. If you have any doubts about how to integrate them, then you can reach out for professional mobile development companies who have android developers for hire. They will integrate all the things necessary for your app.

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