• Ср. Май 31st, 2023

Avoid Android Applications Permission Prompt Problems

Google’s Advice to Avoid Android Apps Permission Prompt Message Problem on Android Phones 

Mobile phones that have the Android operating system on them are susceptible to permission violations. While all apps seem quite safe, there are some that may include permissions to allow other servers to obtain data from the device. As Google works on finding a way to prevent this situation for occurring, there are some things that Android mobile phone users can do to help with this problem.

Android devices will provide alerts with what permissions will be given when the downloaded app is installed. There are some red flags to look for when trying to discern which apps may be asking for too much permission. Most apps that are downloaded will ask for permission to access the internet. This is fairly normal request. However, be wary when the app request permission to access either phone calls or messages. Often these apps can be loaded with malware that want to place calls or send messages. They could be placing these calls or sending these messages to numbers that will cost you big bucks. Really there are very few apps that need this kind of permission. Security apps should be given access to your phone calls and messages in order to protect your phone. Other apps would include communication apps specifically designed by Google, such as Google Voice. If any other app asks for your permission to access your messages of phone calls, do not download it.
If you are suspicions about a particular app, you can obtain further information before downloading it. From Google play, it is quite easy to email the app’s developer. If the developer of the app cannot tell you why certain permissions are needed for the app to operate on your Android mobile phone, then you should reconsider downloading it. It is much better to err on the side of caution than download a device which could mine your phone for data.

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