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4 Best Android Keylogger Apps to Track and Monitor Devices

Keylogger is a function or feature that is commonly found and provided mostly by spy apps. This function allows you to track the keystrokes made by your targets on their devices. It usually is for you to see what websites your targets visit. Not only that, but it also allows you to access other private information by tracking their keylogging behaviours.

Best Android Keylogger Apps

Having said all that, we have put together a list of some of the best undetectable keylogger for Android you can get for spying on Android devices. Note that each and every spy apps are slightly different than each others. Some may be great for families, some may be great for tracking a cheating spouse. Or it may be great for employers who wish to track their employees’ work behaviour on company devices.

4 Best Android Keylogger Apps to Track and Monitor Devices

1. mSpy

mSpy is good if you wish to track your child’s online behaviour. This spy app comes with a series of features that helps track your kid’s activities online. You can check whether if they are visiting off-limits and dangerous websites by watching their every keystroke. At the same time, with this feature, you can see if they have access and accounts to these unsavoury websites.

On top of that, you can also track their chat and call behaviours by viewing whatever logs it has kept. We are sure that you do not want your kids interacting with unsavoury people or visiting websites with dangerous websites. If you wish to keep track of your kids and keep them safe, then this spy app is the one for you. Furthermore, it sends you updates on your child’s behaviour every 5 minutes or so.

2. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is good for tracking your employees’ behaviour on company devices. How it works in terms of keeping track of the employees’ keystrokes is pretty easy. You can check how often they log into their social media platforms and spend their work hours idling by. Not only that. You are also able to check and see how long they spend texting and calling their family and friends.

Typically companies will install and root company devices (eg: computers, laptops, phones, tablets, etc) to check on their employees frequently. They will see if their employees are always as hardworking and doing their work when they are at their work desks.

Although it is marketed as a spy app for tracking employees, that does not mean you cannot use it to track your children and your cheating spouse’s strange behaviour. You can use FlexiSPY for family uses too. However, “more focus” will be given to employers who wish to track their employees and their behaviours during work hours.

3. Spyera

Spyera is made to track both employees’ and your children’s online behaviour. Find out what the employees are doing during their working hours. Just because you walk past them and see them being so hardworking does not mean they are putting in all the efforts. By logging in to the spy app dashboard on Spyera, you will be able to check and see what your employees are up to. They may not be on social media or calling and texting their friends and family members. They may be reading or viewing online materials that are largely unrelated to work. In simpler words: using company devices for personal uses.

Want to find out what your kids have been doing online? Spyera is able to help you track your kids’ online behaviour by letting you look into the keystroke behaviour. Again, like any other spy app that has a keylogging feature, it allows you to see how often and how long your kids spend on each social media platform. It also allows you to check what websites they have been frequenting and what they’ve been doing on it.

4. Spyfone

Spyfone is another spy app that has great keylogging features. It’s great for tracking mobile and tablet devices, however, and less so for desktop tracking. Spyfone is great for general tracking, although it focuses more on tracking your kids and your employees.

The great thing about Spyfone is that not only does it track keylogging activities on the devices, it also tracks geolocations too. Meaning to say, besides tracking how long your targets are spending on social media platforms and websites, you can check where your targets have been at certain points in time.

Do you believe your kids are in school when they should? They may not be in school as they said they will be. They could be elsewhere – say probably in a shopping mall or something. Sometimes you may worry why your kids haven’t come home. You may fear that something may have happened to them.

Or you may be an employer and wonder where exactly your employees are during work hours. They may say that they are out to see clients but they may be out somewhere else. They could be shopping or eating out in a café instead of seeing and servicing clients. All the possibilities.

Keystrokes and keylogging feature can only do so much. To determine whether if your kids or your employees are really where they are, then geolocation tracking can be a useful feature for you to keep track of them. Pair that up with the keylogging activity and behaviour, you will have a better understanding to where and what your employees and children are at.


The bottom line is that most spy apps (if not all) have keylogging features. Check to see if the keylogging feature specializes in tracking kids, employees, cheating spouses, or all. Not every keylog feature can be used to track everybody. It specializes in tracking certain groups of people. At the same time, check to see if the spy app allows you to keep a history log of the keylogged activities on the target phones. Some may allow you to keep it forever (until the available spaces have been used up). However, there will be some that will delete and remove themselves after a certain period of time.

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