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5 Best iPad Speaker Docks To Enhance Audio

Now you can convert your Apple iPad into home theater entertainment device by using some surrounded and high quality speakers. A speaker dock for your iPad would be a great investment for your entertainment you can use that speaker for your iPhone device too by just using any plug and play device. Besides offering vastly improved audio, it gives your precious ‘Pad somewhere tidy to sit and charge.

If you want to enhance the quality and want to boost your iPad’s audio for music, movies or gaming, we have got five surrounded speakers docks that offer different functionality and suit different budgets, from $80 to $300 from Amazon at discounted price.

Following Speakers Docks will truly enhance your iPad Audio Quality and provide you best output. Choose and Buy the best one according to your needs for your equipment from Amazon Store.


1) Jensen JiPS-250i

This budget option won’t blow you away with its basic speakers, but it will offer a sound boost for music, movies and gaming. It can be used horizontally and vertically (with adjustable viewing angles) and boasts video line-out for playing your iPad’s content on the big screen.
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2) Altec Lansing Octiv Stage MP450

This good-looking speaker dock claims to provide “room-filling sound” from two speakers and charges your iPad while docked. The stand pivots for both landscape and portrait viewing with multiple viewing angles. The included remote will allow you to control your ‘Pad from the sofa — all of which adds up to a tidy product for film fans.
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3) iLuv Audio Cube iMM747

This promises to be a rather neat desktop solution. iLuv’s Audio Cube is a great option for music lovers as it will only dock your iPad vertically, but offers great sound. In addition to charging the device, there’s also the option to sync your tablet with a Mac or PC while docked.
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4) iHome iA100

Angled firmly as a bedside solution, the iHome iA100 turns your iPad into a rather swanky alarm clock. Along with the iHome+Sleep and iHome+Radio apps, the dock will give you advanced radio alarm clock functionality, charge your iPad over night and play audio via Bluetooth
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5) Philips Fidelio DS8550

The Fidelio has a few tricks up its sleeve — as you might hope for that high-end price tag. Besides docking and charging an iPad, it also boasts wireless Bluetooth streaming so you can hold your iPad (or use it in another stand) while the audio streams from the Fidelio. Its rechargeable battery is good for up to five hours playback on the go and the free Fidelio app offers enhanced alarm functions if you want to use the dock on your bedside table.
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