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5 Best Mobile Phone Security Tips to Keep Hackers Away

Is there anything that desktop computers can do these days that smartphones cannot?

Not much. Compared to ten years ago #decadechallenge, our phones now are more powerful than our computers were then.

And with that power comes increased responsibility, as any superhero will tell you. As we rely more on our smartphones, we need to learn about mobile phone security.

Need a refresher? Learn below.

Mobile Phone Security Tips to Keep Hackers Away

5 Best Mobile Phone Security Tips to Keep Hackers Away

1. Never Buy Things On Public Wi-Fi

One of the biggest mistakes people make is checking their online bank account or buying something online when they’re on public wifi.

That public wifi, like the kind at a coffee shop or even at your school, isn’t as secure as you think it is.

The person drinking their coffee next to you could easily be a hacker mining your password and account number so they can steal your identity later.

If you absolutely have to check something, switch off your wifi and use your mobile network. Not only is that a safer (but not fool-proof) option, but it moves you to a smaller screen that no one else in your vicinity can see.

Now, is it likely that there’s a hacker at every coffee shop? No, it’s not, but do you really want to take your chances?

At first, it’ll feel unnatural to change this bad habit most of us are guilty of, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

Saved Cards

On the same note, think hard about if keeping your credit and debit cards saved in your browser is worth the risk.

Yes, there are security measures in place, but how much more effort does it take to type in your card number?

Not only is it safer to keep your card numbers stored exclusively on the actual cards themselves, but it can also save you money.

When our payment information is saved and buying something only takes one click, we’re more likely to follow through on purchases we don’t stand by a day or even just five minutes later.

Don’t believe it? Unsave your cards from your browser for one week. Then, when you want to buy something, notice how unwilling you are to get up and get your wallet.

It’s not that you’re lazy — it’s that a purchase you’re not willing to get up and move around for isn’t worth it.

Your online security and your budget will thank us.

2. Turn Off Your Bluetooth

Another thing hackers love and can easily use to rip you off is your Bluetooth status. We’re not saying you have to turn it off completely (then how would you use your Airpods?), but you do need to edit one feature.

Go to your Bluetooth setting screen and find where it says «discoverable» or «share with others around me» and turn that setting off.

Even though it seems innocent, making your phone discoverable to other people can allow hackers to access your phone remotely. That means they can see your data, browse the internet (and make purchases with those saved cards) and even listen in on your phone calls.

Scary, right? All because you didn’t know to turn off that little slide button on your Bluetooth settings screen.

And if you ever get a request to «pair» with a device you don’t recognize, decline it!

Finally, when you get a new Bluetooth device, read in the instructions what it’s Bluetooth name is.

That way, you won’t have to try different Bluetooth sources (that are potentially dangerous) until you find the right one.

If the device allows, change the names of those device networks to something easily recognizable, so you don’t forget what they’re called and make the above mistake again.

3. Restart Your Phone Weekly

In our always-on society, how often does anyone turn off their phone? As someone who (admittedly) freaks out when their phone is below 10%, I’m certainly guilty of not restarting my phone enough.

But restarting your phone, even if you turn it back on right away is good for it. Just like you need a good night’s sleep, your phone needs (at least) a weekly restart.

Restarting your phone prolongs your battery life, clears background apps (and any remote activity), and can prevent something called «memory leaks,» which are exactly what they sound like.

Think of restarting your phone often, like charging your phone’s immune system. A healthy phone will have a better chance of fighting off or resisting viruses and malware.

And if you’re going to sell your iPhone, reset it. You’d be surprised how often people forget to do this and willingly sell their phones (and their data).

4. Don’t Download Sketchy Apps

This one should go without saying, but a lot of us are guilty of it, especially if you have a «jailbroken» phone. You should only ever download apps that have the «official» sponsored app-store badge or at least a couple hundred thousand users and reviews.

When you download that app, check what permissions it requests instead of just clicking through everything to get to the login or first-page screen.

A photo-editing app shouldn’t need access to your calls. Why would it? As far as we know, you can’t send pictures through a voice call — so don’t accept any permissions that don’t make sense.

And if the app won’t let you use it without those permissions, find a similar, better app. There are millions of apps on the app store, you’re sure to find another option.

5. Don’t Keep Too Many Devices On Your Home Network

Have you ever heard of a DDOS attack? It’s where hackers can access devices on your network that are connected to the internet (like your Smart TV, for example) and use the broadband from them to give them power for a more significant hack.

If something doesn’t need to be connected to the internet regularly, unplug it, and only use it when needed.

Mobile Phone Security

As phones get closer and closer to full palm-sized computers, it’s time we take mobile phone security seriously. Not doing so puts you, your identity, and your financial security at risk.

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