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5 Ways Credit Card Processing Audit Saves Money for Businesses

Did you know, small costs could eat up a bunch of your business profits? While looking to maximize cash flow, many businesses tend to hesitate in offering credit card transactions as they don’t wish to pay the heavy professing fees attached to these payments.

Credit Card Processing Audit

One can save a lot and boost their business margins by applying tricks to curb credit card processing fees. A business needs to have a merchant account to accept these credit card transactions. It is a tool that allows you to get a pass-through service to get paid in the form of electronic payments.

It is inevitable for a business to avoid paying fees for some transactions. But one can always benefit by negotiating the terms of agreement with your merchant provider. This can be handled the best by a credit card processing audit expert as they have experience and immense knowledge of the same. They prove to be a boon for your business and help save money for business in various ways such as:

5 Ways Credit Card Processing Audit Saves Money for Businesses

1. Audit Your Account and Interchange Rate

Negotiation of the interchange rate can help you reduce credit card processing fees and curb the unnecessary spending of money by an average of 27-37 percent each month.

2. Analysis of Merchant Account Statements

This step is not an easy task. Every credit card network has an exclusive interchange rate which depends on varied factors such as the type of credit card used, whether the payment is wireless or chip-enabled, the type of business payment done, etc. Even your monthly merchant account fee is dependent on several factors such as processor and junk fees, PCI compliance or Non-PCI Compliance, service fees, etc. And all of this is usually hard to spot on your statement.

3. Tracking Transactions

There is a need to have an effective bookkeeping system for your business as your transactions move from credit cards to your merchant account and then reach your bank account. Having a credit card processing audit can track the ongoing transactions and boost your financial system.

4. Increased Profits

With the help of a professional and third-party credit card processing audit, one can find the places where your business can curb the extra expenditure being done on monthly transaction fees. This extra money saved can be re-invested in your business and increase capital, leading to greater profits.

5. Fraudulent Activities and Chargeback

If there is a reason to suspect that a merchant or credit card processor is in a high-risk zone, has processed invalid transactions, or its chargeback ratio and credit to sales ratio is exceeding the set standards, a credit card processing auditor can raise a red flag. It can help the business get out of such a situation. This also helps in saving money for the future by implementation of such cost-saving processes.

Therefore, a credit card processor audit is one of the best cost-saving decisions you can take for your company to maximize profits and for future growth. They are meant to track the transactional numbers and look at projections that build a strong foundation for your business to tackle risks and save money.

They allow you to compare your monthly transaction fees along with a side by side plan to put forth its benefits. As there is a growth in your credit card transactions, the hidden fees begin to slip in through the cracks and pile up on your business.

An audit can save your business not just time and effort but also resources. Thus, it is the simplest way to avoid payment of extra charges based on the credit card transactions with the implementation of a credit card processing audit to enhance your business.

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