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50+ Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Facts and Stats You Never Knew

Where Can You Actually Spend Your Bitcoin?

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, many people have found themselves in possession of either accepting Bitcoins or having Bitcoins that now have a huge monetary value in today’s marketplace. It is possible to exchange your Bitcoin to fiat currency from a variety of exchanges or ATM’s, that now dispense hard cash for Bitcoin. However, what if you wanted to spend those Bitcoins for products and services? Where can a Bitcoin holder spend it and on what?


Looking for the latest computer or software? Well, recently, both Dell and Microsoft, two of the world’s tech giants, began accepting Bitcoin as payment. You can now purchase your new Microsoft or Dell systems with Bitcoin. They also accept BTC for software purchases and upgrades, too.

Travel the World and Stars

Looking to book a flight? Expedia now accepts Bitcoin for all flights, hotels and car rentals booked through their service. Interested in going a little further? Virgin Galactic, the space travel carrier, is now selling trips to space and accepting BTC to reserve your trip, on their future space flights. Although these flights to space haven’t yet commenced, reserve your seat for when they do, with your Bitcoin.


Get Educated

Say goodbye to student loans! A few universities and colleges now accept Bitcoin as tuition payments. The first University to accept the currency was the “University of Nicosia,” in Cyprus. Since then, a few others have followed suit, including universities in Japan, Switzerland, and the USA.

Casinos & Poker Rooms

Looking to multiply your Bitcoins by trying your luck? Many of the online casinos now accept Bitcoin in exchange for casino chips. A few live casinos are getting with the times, as well. In fact, online casinos were some of the first places to begin accepting the currency and even using it as a way to pay out winnings. In 2013, Nakowa won 11,000 BTC on a gambling site, worth $1.3 million then, over $22 million in today’s market. Now, that’s a jackpot!

Pay the Tax Man

In April 2017, Bitcoin became a legal form of payment in Japan. Not only is it expected to be available as a payment method in over 300,000 stores by 2017, but it can now be used to pay your Japanese tax liabilities. In Jan 2018, Switzerland will begin accepting Bitcoin payments to cover your taxes, too!


Pay Your Bills & Go Online Shopping

According to the data on BitcoinPlay, as of 2017, the array of businesses that now accept Bitcoin-payments is absolutely phenomenal. You can now pay your Dish Network bills for satellite service through Bitcoin. Other retailers, including online warehouse giant “Overstock,” also accept the cryptocurrency, for everything from clothes to home appliances and furniture.

Get Cash

If you can’t find what you want from a retailer that accepts Bitcoin, you can also withdraw your Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM. By August 2017, there will be over 1400 ATM’s in 55 countries that accept and convert your Bitcoin to a variety of currencies. However, 75% of all Bitcoin ATM’s are in the United States, and some overseas Bitcoin ATM’s only dispense US dollars.

It seems that retailers, currency exchanges, and service providers are now embracing the cryptocurrency revolution, and almost anything can be purchased using Bitcoin.

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