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7 Best Learning and Brain Training Apps for Android & iOS

Do you think mobile apps are designed only to entertain and track your sports achievements? See that the opposite way is true, but you can also boost your learning skills using apps.

Our brain needs daily training as our muscles. We are ready to introduce you to the top 7 brain training apps that will help you improve your educational skills day by day, killing time on the road or standing in lines.

Brain Training Apps

7 Best Learning and Brain Training Apps for Android & iOS

1. Peak | Android — iOS

Peak is a collection of mini-games allowing you to train your memory, speech, mental maneuverability, and attention. This app provides access to more than 30 games. The users admit that it’s enough to ensure your virtual exercises won’t become a daily routine. The free version has all the necessary functionality, but you can also subscribe for a month that will allow you to play all the games as often as you are willing to, personalize your workouts and get more statistics.

2. Fit Brains Trainer | iOS

The app offers one more fresh look at brain training. Brains Trainer contains more than 35 games grouped into different training sessions to provide optimal daily practice for your concentration, memory, speech, and other skills. Fit Brains Trainer has additional games based on your “emotional intelligence.” The monthly subscription fee allows you to get the full range of features not available in the free version.

3. Photomath | Android — iOS

Are you struggling with constant challenging math tasks? If you have never thought of getting reliable science homework help online, it’s time to pick up assistance to supply you with the right solutions. PhotoMath can scan and solve mathematical equations in real-time. The app takes a page Word or Lens, uses visual character recognition to make mathematical tasks computerized, solves the functions covered, and displays the final result. One-click gives the result step by step, and you get a final solution.

If you have too bad a camera on your mobile device, the application has an extended calculator with all the trigonometric and algebraic values to calculate. The interface is simple and isn’t overloaded with loads of unnecessary stuff. Even a beginner will understand how to use the application.

4. Duolingo | Android — iOS

Multilanguage is the basis of any progressive person’s life in our time. The Internet era makes you learn languages and gives you a lot of different ways to do it. Is learning languages not your cup of tea, and you feel embarrassed? How often do you look for someone asking, “Could you do my homework for me?” If you want to break this vicious circle, try to learn languages with a mobile application.

One of the most used applications for learning languages is Duolingo. It’s well-known for its easy-to-learn format. You can even organize a competition with your friends if you connect them via Facebook. Apart from it, you set the minimum task for a day, and the app reminds you about it. If you don’t use Duolingo on the appointed day, you will get a message like, “if you do not want to work on your language, we won’t bother you.” Then, the app forgets about you until you pass a few lessons.

5. Explain Everything | Android — iOS

The app name speaks for itself. It will come in handy if you have skipped face-to-face classes for any reason. Teachers might use this tool to prepare presentations and tutorials for those who want to revise the material. Here you can find different resources with lessons’ explanations and practical tasks. Not only can teachers share their materials there, but students can also place their exercises. The “Explaining Everything” app can be used for any subject.

6. TED-Ed | Android — iOS

Suppose you are looking for ways to quench your thirst for knowledge and extend the world’s boundaries with TED Talks. You can use your mobile device downloading the TED-Ed application. It allows you to enjoy more than 2,000 conversations from stunning people on various topics ranging from technology and science to amazing inner psychology facts.

Among the app’s main features, there is viewing the full TED video library with subtitles in more than 100 languages and downloading video and audio recordings of your speeches for offline playback to have a chance to listen to them when you would like. Would you develop your thinking and broaden your mind? Then, TED-Ed is exactly what you need!

7. Lumosity | Android — iOS

If you are used to reading a review while standing in long lines, you might change your habits and start spending your time with great benefits. Lumosity is another app to train your memory, attention, and other mental abilities developed by neurobiologists. You have to do exercises that seem simple at first glance, but, in fact, require a great deal of mental effort.

Based on the results of the Lumosity test, the app will choose your individual exercise plan. The creators of the application promise that regular mental workouts will positively impact your daily tasks. The excellent selection of mini-games specially compiled into a daily program with tracking your status to provide statistics on improvements over time will help you boost your learning skills.

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