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7 Legitimate Ways to Make Money on the Internet — Home Based Jobs

Making Money Online has now become very simpler than before. With tons of opportunities available on the internet, anyone can start making money on the internet. The biggest advantage is there are a variety of online jobs available for people of all categories i.e. simpler jobs to generate instant income and online business to generate passive income. In this article, few best online money making ideas are listed out for beginners to experts.

Top 7 Best Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online on the Internet

1. Paid Surveys:

Paid surveys are one of the best money making program and also it is the easiest way to make money online. Huge companies and organizations spend millions of dollars to learn about the customer’s views about their products and services. Of several research programs, they depend on, the online survey is one of the best ways to reach targeted users. The targeted users are paid for giving their opinion on products, services, and other studies. Usually, paid surveys are not conducted by the companies directly instead, they are conducted by the survey panels on behalf of the companies and organizations. The data from the participants will be collected by the survey panels and the analyzed reports will be submitted to the companies. Companies will use these data to improve their products and services. And in the case of general surveys, the data will be used to analyze the thoughts of users which will be used for future development and other activities.

The rewards given for the survey participants will vary from one survey panel to another panel. Usually, most of the survey panel will have the PayPal as the common payment processor to process the user earnings. But now surveys panels are adding more payment options like Payza, Check, and even gift cards. Gift cards of Amazon, Walmart, Facebook etc. helps the member to make online purchases instantly using the vouchers. While paid surveys are the best money making programs, it is important to join the established sites which will pay more per survey and process the payment on time. Here is the list of highly established top paid survey sites in the world.

2. Translation Jobs:


The online translating job is one of the interesting internet jobs through which you can earn huge amount of money depending on the language you translate. A lot of new documents and recording are put into the website which has to be converted to other languages, professional translators are paid very well for completing the job successfully. Usually, the online translator gets up to four cents for converting a word from one language to another language. Also, proof-readers make a quarter of it. Become an online translator and make up to four dollars for converting every hundred words from one language to another language.

3. Transcription Jobs:

Transcription jobs are available for people with exceptional language skills. In the transcription process, the transcriptionist will have to convert the voice into the written format. For example, the transcriptionist writing down the legal data on the court is a form of transcription. As transcription requires high accuracy, only best out of the rest will be picked and they will undergo an intensive training before appearing live. Inversely, transcriptionist will be paid a huge amount of money and hence it is worth looking out for the transcription job.

4. Website Testing Jobs:

Website testing is a fun job where the testing site will pay us for testing the user experience of the websites. User testing does not require any programming skills and instead, they should have the knowledge to follow the pre-given and live instructions. The website testing is done in order to test the user experience of the website before coming live. This will help them to prevent and correct the bugs found on the newly developed sites. Website testers like us will earn up to ten dollars for testing websites for half an hour.


5. Sell Photos Online:

Taking photos is a passion for many people and few make huge money from it whereas many don’t make anything due to less knowledge on selling photos. For people who love photography, the internet provides an opportunity to earn money for what they love. Photographers can sell their photos online very easily for good cost based on the quality and uniqueness of the photograph. Photo selling website will pay per photo or will share the revenue based on the preference of the user. Photos uploaded should be of good quality, else the images will be rejected instantly by the quality managers.

6. Micro Tasks:

Micro-tasks are the tiny tasks which are the part of the large projects separated in order to make the job easier. All the internet users are allowed to do the micro-task and for each task completed with the specified accuracy, the worker will be paid. Usually, the micro-tasks are very simple that it can be done by anyone who can follow the instructions in the given language mostly English. But, the problem is those who cannot complete the take in the given time with good accuracy will not be allowed to access the tasks. The pay per tasks will be from one cent to five dollars based on the complexity and the time taken to complete the tasks. This can also be called as data processing job and it is little stressful compared to the money-making ideas given above.

7. Freelance Jobs:

The freelance jobs are available in a huge amount on the freelance marketplaces i.e. Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer etc. Tons of new jobs are posted every day and old jobs are updated as well. Freelancers can apply for the job and earn money on the hourly basis. This is how things go on freelance sites — the clients will post their projects with requirements on the job board. The freelancers should browse the job posted in the targeted category and click on the interesting job. They must read the terms given by the clients carefully and if they are convinced they can submit their proposal which will be verified by the clients. Out of the several applications, qualified numbers will be selected for the job. They will be paid on the hourly basis or based on the number of projects they complete. Joining freelance sites are free and open to all the users in the world.

These are the best legitimate online money making tips which are easier and safer. Usually, only fake sites will ask for registration fees. All the legit sites are available to users for free and might charge fees for the clients who hire workers.

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