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8 Reasons You Need Online Project Management Software

Running a successful business means juggling dozens of projects, tasks, teams and deadlines. Priorities are constantly shifting along with customer demands, and just keeping up seems to take all your time and energy. Online software for project management gives you a leg up, helping you organize and coordinate all your work in a flexible workspace that keeps your entire team on the same page.

One of these project management tools is Wrike, an award-winning online task management software used by leading companies around the globe, across all types of industries: from marketing and creative teams to project management and product development. In this article, we’ll discuss Wrike’s features and how you can use project management tools to benefit your own company.

Although Wrike has many powerful project management features, including workload views, resource management, and a timeline maker that lets you create a Gantt Chart online, we’ll focus on eight benefits that we believe will help you better understand the tool’s core functionalities.

1. Create & Organize

Organize your work in folders and subfolders; break large projects down into tasks and subtasks, and set deadlines and assignees. You can even attach files to tasks, and edit attachments without downloading them to your device. This software for project management also offers premium features and functions to users to complete things in no time.


2. Plan

Schedule projects and deadlines on a visual timeline, and set dependencies and milestones with one click. When priorities or deadlines change, simply drag and drop tasks on the timeline to adjust your plan and ensure you meet your goals. View your team’s progress in real time and see which tasks are overdue and how you’re progressing compared to your original plan.

3. Collaborate

Use the task comments section to discuss work updates, brainstorm ideas, leave feedback, or request approval. @Mention a specific colleague or user group to send an instant notification and get a timely response. Another social collaboration feature is the real-time Activity Stream, which displays the latest task updates and discussions. You can stop holding time-consuming status meetings and instead scroll through your newsfeed to get up to date in minutes.

4. Reports and Dashboards

Easily share the latest information on work progress or team performance with real-time Reports within the software. Generate new reports in one click, without having to manually update any data or spreadsheets. Set up personal or shared dashboards to align your team around top priorities. Adjust tasks and priorities with a simple drag-and-drop, and changes will be instantly reflected in your team’s workspace.

5. Customizations


Custom Workflows and Fields make it easy to bring greater organization and transparency into your work processes, and custom requests allow you to get all the details you need on project requirements upfront so you can complete projects with fewer miscommunications and less rework.

6. Integrations

Wrike integrates with dozens of popular web tools, including cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, Google Apps, MS Project and Excel, Salesforce, Zapier, WordPress, JIRA, GitHub, and many more. If 35+ integrations don’t cover your needs, create a custom solution with Wrike’s open API.

7. Advanced Security

Enterprise-grade cloud security means your data is always safe. SSO, Two-Step Verification, and other advanced security controls give you complete peace of mind.

8. 24/7 Support

Get questions answered any time with Wrike’s world-class customer support, available 24/7 via live chat, phone, and email. Support is also available in 7 languages, along with consulting services.

Want to know more about what Wrike’s project management app has to offer your business? Check out Wrike’s various subscription plans to see which the best fit for your team is, and then get started with a free trial.

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