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8 Tips on How to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency [Guide 2022]

Before investing in cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to learn more about the cryptocurrency market and what it entails. Unlike stocks tied to a specific technological product, cryptocurrencies are linked to a specific company. As such, investors can gain some insight into the company’s prospects. Although cryptocurrencies are still a relatively unregulated industry, many financial advisors will have opinions on the cryptocurrency market.

How to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency

This system uses cryptography to secure transactions. Having emerged as an asset class allows you to invest and earn good returns. Despite the lack of government backing, it has garnered massive popularity in the recent past. What propels investors into venturing into cryptocurrency is the attractive returns over a short period. Wondering how to invest in cryptocurrency? Here are the golden steps to becoming an investor in cryptocurrency.

How to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency?

1. Select the Right Crypto Exchange

Like other investments, understand what you are investing in. Since there are many cryptocurrencies, analyze each currency carefully and select the right one to invest in. Some of the standard coins include XRP, Dogecoin, and Cardano. Research from crypto books and blogs to get the necessary information before investing.

Due to the absence of crypto rules, one may not have precise know-how of what they are investing in. Also, crypto exchanges platforms can help you buy and sell digital currency. Before investing, know the potential pros and cons of the money you choose. Since cryptocurrencies are not backed by hard assets or cash flow, get a vivid understanding of your investment.

2. Open a Trading Account

Open a trading account at your preferred Crypto exchange. A trading account is similar to that of a bank. While registering, the business will confirm your identifications depending on your chosen services. Some will require you to share «Know Your Customer» information and make payment choices. For KYC, you need to submit copies of your PAN card, photo identity, and address proof. Unlike regular stock exchanges, Crypto functions round the clock throughout the year. The total you plan to invest and the accessible coins trading options are your choice. Before investing, look into the future trends.

3. Fund Your Account

Once you open an account, transfer some money into the crypto-trading account to buy cryptocurrencies. Open the trading view, go to the wallet balance, and deposit after selecting the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit. You can only send supported currencies to the coin base. You can link your crypto trading account to your bank account and transfer funds online from your bank account to the trading account. Be careful when making transfers because currency sent to the wrong crypto wallet may be unrecovered. Depending on the policy, you may have to wait for a given period before purchasing digital coins. Watch the volatility of the currency to help you buy at low prices and sell at high currencies. What if you lack the capital to start your investment journey? Reach out for a loan online from legit lenders, such as A1 Credit.

4. Buying and Investing in Cryptocurrency

After opening a trading account and making a money transfer, decide on the coins you intend to invest. What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in? The most popular currencies are bitcoins, followed by other altcoins such as Ethereum, Cardano, Binance Coin, and Tether.

5. Manage Your Risk

Traders might not sell risk management for long-term investors regardless of the price. In contrast, short-term investors set strict rules on when to sell. For example, if an investment has fallen to 10%, the trader keenly follows so that a slight decline doesn’t lead to a crushing loss. As a new trader, set aside money and use only a portion of the cash to invest. This will help you reserve some money for later trade if it does not favor you.

6. Store Your Cryptocurrency

Storage is the most critical part after making your purchases. Crypto exchanges have no formal organization backing them up. Also, they do not carry any insurance policy, and they face the uncertainty of being hacked. Therefore, you must securely keep your codes off your account and assets. It is advisable to store your purchased coins in a crypto wallet.

7. Choose a Strategy for More Profits

Make a brilliant strategy to make more profits by embracing Elliott Wave Theory. This theory majors on the psychology behind the market patterns. Therefore, it is suitable for speculative assets like cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you can get advice and opinions from crypto experts’ before expanding your investment. Beginners should start with small investments and study the market. Then, they should invest in the crypto wallet where their coins are held offline, out of the reach of hackers.

8. Selecting Right Crypto Wallet

You must choose a wallet that stores your private and public keys. Having a good wallet is essential for completing your cryptocurrency transactions. A digital wallet is necessary because a crypto exchange can only process crypto transactions if the recipient has your private key. After you have a wallet, you can use the same wallet with any company that accepts cryptocurrencies. Be prepared for some instability. Regularly analyze the price of the currencies you’re interested in.


Crypto has become popular in the business market, and most people are investing in it. Most crypto exchanges require a minimum of $5 to $10 and can be an enriching opportunity. However, before taking the plunge, use the above guidelines to avoid losses. Crypto fluctuations can be caused by media coverage whereby any news circulating will dictate its buying and selling. Integration and broader events such as political events and government decisions relating to Crypto also cause fluctuations. Diving headfirst into the volatile crypto market can be risky. Therefore, invest wisely in what you can afford.

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