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Amazon Home Services Review, Guide, Pricing, and Coupons

Amazon Home Services

We always wanted to party hard over the weekends but really get bothered of cleaning the mess after party gets over. With Amazon as your service partner, you can leave all your worries to us and just party harder to celebrate your happiness. After all, you deserve to celebrate each and every occasion in your life with your loved ones. Apart from just home cleaning services, you can always trust your shopping partner Amazon, for getting your carpet/window cleaned, handmade services, lawn mowing, deep cleaning, TV wall mounting among other cleaning services which you require regularly for giving a clean and sparkling look to your homes.

Amazon Home Services Review, Guide, Pricing, and Coupons

1. House Cleaning

There are various services which you can avail at Amazon.com to make your home look clean and to keep germs away from your family.

  • Dusting, mopping and vacuuming all rooms.
  • Bathroom vanity, tub, and toilet cleaning.
  • Trash removal to your outdoor cans.
  • Kitchen counters, floor, and stove cleaning.

Number of Rooms: 2 Bedrooms (1 bathroom)
Time: 2 hours
Cost: $61.42 for 2 hours ($30.71/hour)

Number of Rooms: 3 Bedrooms (2 bathrooms)
Time: 3 hours
Cost: $70.35 for 3 hours ($23.45/hour)

Number of Rooms: 4 Bedrooms (3 bathrooms)
Time: 4 hours
Cost: $91.57 for 4 hours ($22.89/hour)

You have to inform about the size of your home, whether it’s a 2 BHK, 3 or more than that (along with the number of bathrooms that you wish to get cleaned), then accordingly the estimated time will be decided to clean the room. The cleaning hours are mentioned on the website, for instance, a four-hour appointment can be either one person working for four hours or two executives will work for two hours each. Also, you have to mention the cleaning products, that you want to be used. You can either give your own cleaning detergents or ask for the eco-friendly products which are available at Amazon. The costing will vary with all the different cleaning products. The estimated time and cost to clean a 2 BHK apartments with 1 bathroom, will be 2 hours and $59.19 ($29.59 per hour) respectively.

If you have any special requests, Amazon request to kindly discuss it before finalizing the appointment time and date, as some cleaning services are not included in the standard cleaning package and may cost additional charges.

After checking all the packages carefully, you can book your appointments; an email from your house cleaning executive will be sent for your approval, regarding the date and time for the service. On your approval, the company will send an experienced pro to give a new look to your home.

2. Carpet Cleaning

Regular cleaning of carpet is very important to keep the bacteria and germs away; also cleaning remove the bad smell that might arise due to pets, toddlers throwing things on carpets, or even that from our shoes. At Amazon, you can be assured of getting the quality services at the best prices.

Some of the services which will be included in the carpet cleaning include:

  • One entryway or bathroom can be substituted for a hallway.
  • Removal of dirt, debris, and stains; deodorizer or carpet protection in rooms you selected.
  • Each room is assumed to be approximately 200 square feet.
  • A flight of stairs can be substituted for 1 room.
  • Pro-grade cleaning of carpeted rooms plus 1 hallway.

Rooms to be Cleaned: 2
Cost: Approximately $111.87

Rooms to be Cleaned: 4
Cost: Approximately $159.44

Rooms to be Cleaned: 5
Cost: Approximately $183.23

Executives will shift the smaller furniture such as couch, chairs, coffee table and crib out from the rooms; however, the larger items, such as pianos, china cabinets, armories, antiques, entertainment centers etc. will not be moved. After completion of the task, the moved items will be placed in their original place.

According to the rooms where you require carpet cleaning, time and amount will be decided accordingly; the whole process will not take longer than 3 hours, depending on the method the pro uses. Usually, for 3 carpet room cleaning, the estimated cost will be $ 135.66, by using Amazon Coupons you can get a discount of up to $10. Also, you can ask for deodorizer or carpet protection; Deodorizer uses enzymes to neutralize and remove odors such as vomit and pet waste and will more than regular cleaning.

3. TV Wall Mounting

The prices for TV mounting vary from size to size; you will get the best quality mounting service at Amazon. Also, you will get 25% discount on selected TV Wall Mounting services.

  • 50’’ inch or smaller – Price for TV Wall Mounting will be $76.46 if providing your own mounting bracket. Using Amazon Promo Code the cost could be lowered to $68.90.
  • 50” inch or smaller— Price for TV Wall Mounting will be $106.46 if pro is bringing a standard, non-swivel TV mounting bracket.

The prices will vary according to the size of the TV. Additionally, you can ask for the ways the wires should be concealed? If opting for the wires to be concealed inside a cord cover the costing will be relatively lesser as compared to the option of concealing it inside the wall.

Further, the TV installer send by Amazon will help you in finalizing the best location for your TV, based on the location of the power outlet, the location of wall studs, and where you plan to sit or lie down while watching the TV.

4. Window Cleaning

Windows are the first place where our attention goes be it office windows or home windows, having clean windows is a prerequisite which leads to a healthy environment. At Amazon, you will be provided with the professionals who are highly experienced in their job.

Number of Windows: 1-10 (exterior and interior both)
Cost: $170.79

Number of Windows: 11-20 (exterior and interior both)
Cost: $202.82

Number of Windows: 21- 30 (exterior and interior both)
Cost: $277.54

Number of Windows: 31-40 (exterior and interior both)
Cost: $298.89

Number of Windows: 41-50 (exterior and interior both)
Cost: $420.58

If you want to get only the exterior panes of the window clean, then it will cost you relatively lesser, compared to both sides of cleaning. You can also ask for both sides, screens and sills/tracks/frames cleaned at the additional charges. Also, you have to mention the number of stories in your home so that the executive can bring the required ladder for cleaning the upper story windows.

5. Ceiling Fan Replacement

The Amazon service includes:

  • Removing existing ceiling fan and assembling, mounting and wiring 1 customer provided fan.
  • Attaching blades, lights, and chains as required.

Location: Home
Ceiling Height: Under 10 ft.
Cost: $136.49

Location: Business
Ceiling Height: Under 10 ft.
Cost: $136.49

Location: Home (same for office)
Ceiling Height: 10-14 ft.
Cost: $156.89

The ceiling fans are usually installed in the center of a room to have an equal distribution of air flow; generally replacing one ceiling fan with another does not require any electrical fixes. But if in case the weight of your new ceiling fan is more than the older one, your pro needs to install a new electrical box, to give support to the ceiling fan. The cost of a new electrical box is not included in service.

Apart from the above-mentioned home improvement services, there are various other services where an experienced involvement is required. At Amazon, you can rely upon for providing you the best services be it a garbage disposal installation, toilet replacement, air duct cleaning, home gym assembly or any other service, Amazon has a solution to all your requirements.

So stay clean and healthy with unlimited home services options available at Amazon, after all A Clean Home Is A Happy Home!

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