• Ср. Май 31st, 2023

Apple iCloud Storage Announced and Price Revealed

Apple was just revealed its new service called iCloud back in June but didn’t revealed its availability but now wait is over Apple has declared its new cloud service called iCloud and the users can also get their hands on it, the site is live for all users and developers here http://iCloud.com. But the site is still in beta stage so you have to wait for full release of a website for fully control and features.


Additionally, Apple with the launched of a website has also revealed the price of iCloud storage service. Apple will charge $20 for 10GB, $40 for 20GB and $100 for 50GB per year. It’s more expensive than Amazon Cloud Drive, which gives 20 GB of space for $20 and lets users store an unlimited amount of music for free. iCloud is Apple’s take on the cloud service, Apple is looking to get it right with iCloud. Now you can store your any data and documents on cloud storage and also you can get your data anywhere and anytime without moving it from one computer to another. With Apple revealing the new service for the first time, it would indicate that the service is nearing public availability. There have been many rumors about when the new service will go live. It is believed that the service will be launched alongside the iPhone 5 which will hit retail later this fall. The addition of iWork support is a welcomed addition though, as is the simplistic and universal interface for all of Apple’s cloud services.

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