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Apple Siri VS. Google Voice Command VS. Samsung Galaxy S-Voice — Best Mobile Voice Assistant Comparison

Apple’s Siri VS. Google’s Voice Command VS. Samsung’s Galaxy S-Voice Assistant Comparison — Best Mobile Voice Technology 

As we all know when Apple has first released its new iPhone 4S Smartphone with ‘Siri’ voice assistant feature everybody was amazed with that Voice Recognition and Assistant Tool because of its user friendly option which let Mobile users to perform work on Smartphone’s faster and reliable. After the release of Apple Siri many Mobile Development and Makers Company introduced many Voice Recognition Features on Smartphones and Tablets including Samsung Mobiles which had introduced Voice Recognition System on their most advanced Smartphone called «Samsung’s Galaxy S-III» with the feature of Galaxy S-Voice Recognition System, afterward Samsung’s S-Voice feature were integrated on many other Samsung Galaxy’s smartphone series and now Google has also introduced the similar Voice Assistant and Recognition System into their newly introduced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean mobile OS devices. Android users will soon be able to use Android’s Google Voice Command feature on many Android smartphones and tablets devices in near future.

Apple Siri VS. Google Voice Command VS. Samsung Galaxy S-Voice

In this post we will show you a deep Comparison between Apple’s Siri, Google’s Voice Command and Samsung’s Galaxy S Voice Feature so that you can know which Voice Assistant Feature and System works perfectly on which Mobile OS Platforms.

Video Comparison between Apple Siri and Google Voice Command Feature:

Video Comparison between Apple Siri and Samsung Galaxy S-Voice Feature:

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