• Ср. Май 31st, 2023

Beginner’s Guide to Optimize Google My Business Listing

People are actively searching for your business on their phones and laptops. They might be out and about and need to find a restaurant and in today’s modern world, the first port of call tends to be Google and if your listing isn’t updated or it doesn’t stand out, the likelihood is that that potential customer will overlook it and move onto a competitor.


We’re living in an era where it’s difficult to walk down the street of any town or city without seeing someone using their phone in some way whether it’s to communicate with others or to find somewhere or for social media networking and so on. Keeping your business details updated on Google has therefore never been so important in this tech-savvy and connected world. Google has had this facility available for many years to business owners but it’s been in different guises in the past such as “Google+ Local” but today it’s solidly referred to as “Google My Business” on the business owner’s side.

When a potential customer searches for a Business, it’s difficult to know what exactly they wish to see but it’s a good guess to make that they would like to know your operating hours, maybe a description of your business offering, some photographs (or videos which Google is allowing on listings just recently!) and even some reviews where relevant. Get into the habit of updating your profile maybe with new staff photographs, new product photographs and so on.

Reviews on Google are hugely important for the likes of hotels and cafes so their importance (and replying to them) cannot be overlooked by business owners. In today’s vocal world, people like to leave reviews whether negative or positive. If you have yet to “Claim” your listing and so you’re a beginner to all things Google My Business or even if you have a listing and just want to know how to improve it, the below Infographic is for you!

The guys at Storetraffic have put it together and it details all you need to know from claiming your listing to ideas to keep the posts fresh; it details five ways to update your listing; it delivers some advice from experts in the area on how to master the listing and it also outlines how to deal with the possibility or existence of negative reviews! Check the full detail out below!

Infographic: Google My Business Optimization Guide to Improve Local SEO


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