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Best Facebook Marketing Strategies and Ideas for Business Solution

Facebook is now become the marketing hub for many brands and companies to market various products and service online, because Facebook has a potential to provide customers and consumers to brands and companies and convert their ROI at profitable stage. According to the great saying «What you see is what you buy». So the more you market your products and services to costumer than the more chance you will get to sale it. Today every single company and business have joined the most popular Social Networking website Facebook to provide their customer 24/7 solutions worldwide, so if you want to enhance your chances to make profit and increase ROI of your business than you have to know the Best Methods and Strategies of Facebook Marketing for your business.

So today i am going to share How Brands and Companies can start Marketing on Facebook to gain more visibility and to increase ROI of business. The following Top 20 Facebook Marketing Strategies and Ideas can help you to get more customers and consumers through Facebook with satisfaction and can also enhance your Facebook marketing standards.

Best Facebook Marketing Strategies and Ideas for companies and businesses to start with:

  • Having a lot of fans also enables you to market to fans’ friends.
  • Facebook marketing is about getting the right fans, not just lots of fans.
  • Don’t just push messages at your fans engage them.
  • Because of Edge Rank, most pages don’t reach most of their fans. In fact, see this post on the PageLever data about how only 7.5 percent of fans see page posts daily.
  • Consumers don’t use Facebook nine to five, so you can’t be a community manager with those limited hours.
  • Brands overcomplicate Facebook marketing which lowers response rates. Keep it simple. People are busy.
  • Iterative creative makes more sense in Social Media (than traditional all at once unchangeable creative, which really came from the limitations of print media).
  • People connect emotionally think about what emotions your brand inspires.
  • Market like a mullet business in front and party in the back (thanks to Duncan from Firebelly for that one!)
  • Public relations wants a seat at the social media table and everyone should please leave their silos work together as a team on Social Media!
  • The data shows that Facebook is a top of funnel influencer for many online sales and last-click analytics will not give Facebook all the credit it deserves.
  • Images in Facebook ads are critical. Try faces. It is called FACEbook, isn’t it?
  • High clickthrough rates on Facebook ads lowers click and fan costs.
  • Contests shouldn’t be used to get fans, but to engage fans.
  • Facebook should complement, not replace your website.
  • People connect with businesses that align with causes. What does your company believe in?
  • 80 percent of fans from ads come from the like on the ad these new fans never see your custom landing tab.
  • Don’t take numbers as is compare them to your industry’s average, e.g. fan counts and likes and comments per post.
  • Business-to-business Facebook marketing can work, but stop talking so much about your company and engage!
  • There’s no right number of posts per day for every company don’t post if you have nothing, but post 10 times if you have that much to share. And some businesses, like tourism and sports, are very seasonal and have more to say at certain times of year.

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