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Best Social Video Slots Game for iOS & Android Phones, Tablets Review

Slots are the most sought and no.1 social video game. One reason for this is that slots are easy to play. Unlike other online social video Games, players do not have to spend a lot of time strategizing. Most slots players can relax and just keep on spinning. Fast or slow, you can play at your own speed. Players usually put a great deal of faith in luck or fate. By choosing the Slotomania slot machine you feel pulled to, players have some control over their fate. In this post, you will find the Review of Top Best Popular Social Video Slots Game for iOS and Android Phones, Tablets.

Best Social Video Slots Game for iOS & Android Phones, Tablets Review

For players who like to multitask, slots are the perfect game to play. You can watch sports on TV, drink, talk with friends, and generally tune out while you continue to spin the wheel. Even if you don’t realize you are winning, the slot machine you have chosen will give you credit when you win. Slotomania slot machines meet each player at his or her own level of expertise and financial ability.

Rewards for Loyalty
Just as live and other online social games, Slotomania reward their slots players handsomely by giving them free drinks, rooms, and food, some online slots programs reward their regular players. Slotomania is a good example of a company with a solid Rewards program. Players can earn Reward points and purchase special benefits with the points. It is free to register and join Slotomania Rewards. There are some guidelines and rules associated with this royalty program, so check the Playtika LTD website to learn more. For players who already have a Slotomania membership, just click the JOIN VIP CLUB button to join the loyalty program.
Anywhere, Anytime!
People who love to play slots love to have the convenience of being able to access their favorite games wherever they are using their Android and iOS devices i.e. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Facebook is another option for playing video slots. Slotomania gives a gift of 500 free coins to every player who signs up on Facebook. They also offer many perks to member, such as free gifts, coins, and bonus games.
One game that has helped to make Slotomania so popular is the Elvis Machine. It is getting a lot of play thanks to the excellent, well-considered graphical interface. For Elvis lovers especially, it is a real treat to play slots with the music of the King of Rock and Roll accompanying them. The Elvis Jukebox is chock full of favorite Elvis tunes.
The Interface Is All
Players need high quality sound effects and cutting edge graphics to keep up their interest in a game consistently. Slotomania gives them both to the max. Especially designed for a small screen, Slotomania gives you everything you need to love the interface.
Free entertainment and a solid chance to win make Slotomania one of the trend setters in the video slots industry. This sensational app is part of the reason for the upward swing in the popularity of video slots generally.

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