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Careers in Blockchain: How to Start a Career in Blockchain Technology?

Do you want to stand out of the crowd? Do you want to make your career in futuristic technology? If yes, blockchain is the most reliable platform for you. A career in the blockchain is the most lucrative and has high potential that brings great opportunities. Nowadays, this technology is trendy, and it is creating hype and excitement among youth. Everyone is curious about Blockchain technology, decentralized currency, and cryptocurrency.

How to Start a Career in Blockchain Technology

According to statistics, the blockchain technology market grew by 69% from 2019 to 2021. Statista report said blockchain affected the banking sector market, with around 30% of the banking sector troubled. When we talk about the global spending on blockchain in 2022, it will be approximately $11.7 billion. Experts estimate that this technology will generate $20 billion in revenue by 2024. Furthermore, the blockchain’s global banking sector is expected to generate $1 billion by 2022.

However, most people are not aware of blockchain technology and the bright career option that this field offers. Therefore, in this article, we will be sharing everything you need to know about building a successful career in blockchain.

So, let’s get started!

Blockchain Technology: Let’s Understand the Basics

Before moving deep into this technical career, let’s highlight some basics of this technology. Blockchain is an exclusive technical system that contains a bit of data in a way that can neither be accessed nor edited. That’s why it is called Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). In this system, information can be stored in blocks that can play a very influential role in cryptocurrency. For secured transactions, bitcoin is the first that comes to everyone’s mind.

The primary motivation for the innovation of this technology is data privacy and security. It is also known as a decentralized technology, which means your data is stored without the involvement of any third parties. Blockchain engineers designed this technology to store data in blocks, but those blocks have a specific ability to store data. So when a block is full of data, it is connected to the already filled block, forming a chain; hence it is called a blockchain.

Cryptocurrency is the digital or new-age currency; it is a medium to exchange by computer. There are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies that can be run on blockchain technology.

You will learn what blockchain technology is and how does it work. Now I will explain why blockchain technology is such an exciting career option for the youth.

Why is Blockchain Technology Such a Demanding Career?

In today’s digital era, everyone is talking about cryptocurrency and blockchain. It’s no doubt that blockchain will be a leading technology in the future. Hence, there are plenty of reasons to learn blockchain technology. Below are some reasons:

1. Opening Significant Opportunity in Career

This technology is becoming popular day by day, opening substantial employment opportunities for skilled professionals. There are tremendous job opportunities for blockchain developers, blockchain engineers, product managers, risk analysts, crypto community managers, blockchain project managers, etc. Organizations pay good salaries to those professionals. Therefore, many blockchain courses were launched in the market.

2. Great Market Demand

Research has proved that the market demand for this technology is increasing. Blockchain technology will have a market value of $3.1 trillion by 2030. It shows the broad scope of this industry. Hence, people are moving forward to learn and explore this technology.

3. Disruptive Technology

This technology disrupted the traditional way of storing data. They provide a decentralized manner to store data with high security and trustworthiness. Transparency is a critical feature gaining fame and popularity in the blockchain.

4. Data Security

Blockchain is the only method to store your data in a very secure and structured manner. This is not surprising because I already explained this point, but this point is critical for the banking sector, NFT marketplace, etc.

5. Usage in the Government

Governments widely accept blockchain technology to store structured data. The main reason for using this technology is to keep citizens’ data in a protected manner.

Who is a Blockchain Engineer?

Blockchain engineers are in high demand. Nowadays, every industry deals with blockchain developers or engineers. So, who is a blockchain engineer, and what are their roles and responsibilities? Organizations such as IBM, Coinbase, Walmart, and many more operate on blockchain technology. They require a brilliant mind to handle computer networking, data structure, development, analysis, and many other activities in their company.

If a candidate does not have a technical background, he must face difficulties in understanding this industry. If you make a blockchain career, you must have expertise in software development and programming languages. It would help if you had a diploma in the technical field.

Steps to Become a Blockchain Developer

If you plan to switch your career to a blockchain developer eventually, you should keep these points in mind. These points can help boost your career in blockchain.

Here are some essential steps to follow:

● Most critical to get expertise in coding languages like Solidity, JAVA, Python, JavaScript, PHP, C#, etc. These are the most recommended languages to excel in your blockchain career.

● The eligibility to get a high-paid job in the blockchain is that the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in technology.

● Sharpen your web development skills.

● Enhance your problem-solving and analytical skills.

● Get a better understanding of blockchain architecture.

● Profound research in data structures and algorithms like Merkle tree.

● In-depth knowledge of the Blockchain platforms is necessary for developers.

If you follow the points mentioned earlier before starting your career in blockchain, your success in this industry is guaranteed.

What are the Best Courses to Become a Blockchain Engineer?

We will now discuss the best courses and certifications that will help you become a blockchain engineer and developer. Below are the top 5 blockchain developer courses which are highly beneficial for people with technical or non-technical backgrounds.

1. Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases

This course offered by Coursera is best suited for people with non-technical backgrounds who are committed to learning this technology. It includes all the elements, including cryptocurrency tokens, hash functions cryptography, etc. In short, it is an exciting course available at very affordable rates.

2. Python and the Blockchain Technology

The most lucrative course offered by Udemy is the combination of Python and Blockchain. You can get in-depth knowledge about the Python programming language and its essential applications in Blockchain Engineering.

3. Blockchain & Bitcoin Fundamentals

This course is available at Udemy, one of the most reliable courses for beginners. This is an award-winning course by George Levy. This course provides proficiency in the fundamentals of blockchain and bitcoin.

4. Blockchain A-Z: Learn How to Build Your First Blockchain

More than 76,000 students purchased this course from Udemy to start their careers in the blockchain. This is the ultimate course to become an expert in this industry.

5. Become a Blockchain Developer

This course was prepared by Educative, the best online learning platform, to help people start their careers as blockchain developers. However, if anyone does not have experience in this field, they can buy this course.


Blockchain is the next-generation technology generating a lot of fame and hype in the market. It is a revolutionary technology that highly disrupts the market across the globe. It helps store data in the form of blocks, making a chain become a blockchain. It is transparent for everyone but can not be accessed by anyone.

If you are looking to shape your career and you are confused about which industry is the best, this article is a great place to begin with. Blockchain engineers have high job prospects as the demand for this specialization is gradually increasing, and it will tremendously expand in the near future.

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