• Ср. Май 31st, 2023

Cons of Paper and Pros of Paperless Environment — Infographic

We have been using papers for a long period of time. While it was acceptable when we didn’t have any alternative, this is getting more and more unacceptable in the modern days. With so many alternatives, it doesn’t make any sense to continue with the traditional paper-based system. This system leaves some serious consequences for the environment and the overall Business process.

Disadvantages of Paper-based System

Paper and pulp production processes are the third most pollutant manufacturing processes in the USA. On average, these processes release more than 220 million pounds of toxin elements per year. And the demand of paper consumption has risen fourfold during the last 40 years.


The USA is one of the largest consumers of paper products in the world. An average office worker in the USA uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year. As tree is the main ingredient of paper, more paper consumption means abolishing more trees from earth. As a result of the current paper consumption, we are losing 18 million acres of forest every year.

The most shocking new is if we continue the current trend of paper consumption, we may lose all the rainforests within the next 100 years. If you want to avoid this dreadful circumstance, it is your duty to go paperless and encourage others to follow suit.

Advantages of Paperless Environment

The most obvious benefit of going paperless is the monetary aspect. Along with the direct cost of buying papers, you can also reduce costs in other forms like the storage expense, printing, copying etc. It is estimated that a company with 8 employees can save up to $10,000 per year by going paperless.


Then, there is also the ecological aspect of going paperless. The paper production process requires a huge amount of fresh water. It is said that an average office worker in the USA can save about 1000 gallons of fresh water by going paperless. Reducing excessive paper usage could also be useful in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As you can see, going paperless comes with incredible benefits for all the related parties. Along with reducing your expenses and saving the environment, it will also increase your business productivity and overall efficiency.

To know more about the impact of a paper-based system and how to go paperless, check out the following Infographic developed by Ademero. It clearly explains what impact our current trend of paper consumption has on the environment and how we can benefit by going paperless.

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