• Пн. Май 29th, 2023

Create Dynamic Facebook Page Tabs, Welcome Pages and Landing Pages

Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook Brand Pages administrators can Create Dynamic and Professional Custom Facebook Page Tabs in just One ClickFacebook itself is providing Static FBML/HTML features to create Welcome Pages and Custom Page Tabs for Facebook Page Users. But today we are going to share How Facebook Page Administrators can Create Custom Facebook Page Tabs in Easy Way. A free Facebook Application called PageTabApp is now providing all-in-one features to its users to create dynamic and custom Facebook Page tabs with just single click.

Facebook PageTabApp Application brings various features like syncing WordPress articles or posts within Facebook Page Tabs, Providing features to develop custom Facebook Page Tabs with HTML coding etc. Users just have to use the webpage editor to create the design and content that you want to display on your Facebook Fan Pages, including using images, videos and audios to make your page more lively and attractive! It’s so simple that if you know how to use a computer, PageTab is a piece of cake for you. This cool app allows you to easily create a professional looking landing page that can be added to your Facebook Fan Page without any technical skill at FREE of cost.
Features of PageTabApp Application:
  • Create tab landing pages without creating or installing an app, including pages for mailing list subscriptions, product offers, or welcome messages;
  • Create different landing pages for Facebook users who have liked or not yet liked pages;
  • Add images, video, and audio to landing pages;
  • Syncing WordPress blog posts or Articles within Tabs;
  • No charges for hosting or SSL certifications;
  • 100% Free Application;
The most important thing is PageTabApp Application is absolutely FREE and users won’t have to do much more to get this useful application when creating Facebook Page Tabs. What you’re waiting for just try PageTabApp App for your Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook Brand Pages.

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