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CryptoKitties Blockchain Game on Ethereum to Trade Virtual Cats

If you’re a cryptocurrency and gaming fan, you should consider playing cryptocurrency games. Within a brief period, cryptocurrency games have taken over the market. It allows the benefit of quickly acquiring NFTs, which can eventually be traded in the long run.


What are CryptoKitties?

CryptoKitties are one of the most prominent games in today’s time. Dapper Labs, a Canadian Studio, launched this cryptocurrency game. This blockchain game is dependent on the Ethereum network. Individuals playing CryptoKitties will get the option to buy, sell, collect and breed CryptoKitties.

Even if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, playing CryptoKitties will never be a problem for you. If you want to have a good time with individuals around you, it is advisable to play CryptoKitties.

Virtual Cats in CryptoKitties

If you’re playing CryptoKitties, you should know that every cat is unique and has a particular number attached to it. The special features are what make them breedable. These crypto cats act like non-fungible tokens. However, if you’re playing CryptoKitties, it is advisable to have some basic idea about NFTs.

Every cat is sold for a particular value, and Genesis was the one crypto kitty sold for the highest value. These Crypto Kitties are distinguished on the basis of fur, mouth, eye shape, and base color. The highlighted color also has a vital role to play.

Nonetheless, the generation of offspring also plays a vital role in determining the quality these CryptoKitties have. It has become one of the most prominent games that help in promoting blockchain technology.

How Blockchain Game on Ethereum Technology Work?

CryptoKitties are based on smart contracts of the Ethereum network. There are some official, but CryptoKitties are aimed at solving these. These CryptoKitties in the game have features that are known as attributes. While Bitcoins are available as 21 million, CryptoKitties are available for 4 billion. These are available in limited circulation. As you keep playing the game, it becomes easy for you to access these.

The cats in CryptoKitties are a part of blockchain technology. Therefore, individuals can quickly enter the process of trading these cats. Nonetheless, you will need to get involved in the breeding season to gain access. Every crypto kitty has specific attributes that differentiate them from the others. After the breeding season, the players will need to wait for a week during the cooldown period.

According to Axiom Zen, crypto Kittie can be bred once in 15 minutes. Nonetheless, it is necessary to address the demand of the same. All the owners of these crypto kitties can ensure to put up all their cats for auctions.

Why Should You Play CryptoKitties Game?

Not everyone can understand the working of blockchain technology. However, if you are interested in understanding how it works, it is necessary to choose a platform accordingly.

If you want to know about the working of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, CryptoKitties can be your starting point. Some of the common reasons why you should choose CryptoKitties over other games include the following:

● You get to be a part of the big Crypto kitty trading community.

● Unlock the unique traits of cryptocurrencies while you get the advantage of breeding the kitties.

● Become a part of the KittyVerse to keep up with the game.

● Choose a Fancy Cat and enjoy earning.

● Become a part of the community and indulge in earning rewards.

Is CryptoKitties Still Relevant as a Game?

CryptoKitties has come a long way since its development. The developers have brought significant changes in the game recently. The game has also received a seed equity fund of $2 million.


As a game, CryptoKitties are still relevant today. Since it is based on the Ethereum network, it has achieved popularity within a brief period. Nonetheless, the platform faced specific challenges too. The digital world is being flooded with the Ethereum blockchain network. However, CryptoKitties is still a relevant game that is being played by a large number of users. You can indulge and enjoy a wide range of perks.

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