• Пн. Май 29th, 2023

Customize Google+ — Convert Google+ Plus Into Facebook by UserScript

After the announcement of Google’s new Social Networking website called ‘Google+’. Google getting more attention from users of Social Networking arena. Now everyone wants to know more and more about Google+ features and updates and most of the users have already got invitation from Google to join Google+. So today i am going to share how you can customize Google+ more like Facebook and make necessary changes to get more social with your friends and followers.

Everyone has started comparing Google+ with Facebook in many ways, from the look, features and interface. By using Script Style you can actually customize Google+ by yourself. A new userscript style is available online through which you can customize Google+ and makes Google+ look even more like Facebook. By using a bit of CSS magic, designer Fabio Giolito has created a theme that convert Google+ into Facebook. The theme is installable as a userstyle userscript or as an add-on for the Chrome/Firefox plugin Stylish. Internet Explorer and Opera users can also install the script, which alters the design of Google+ to mimic the colors and layout of Facebook.

Here’s you can see the new customize images developed by Fabio. Check out the before and after images to see Google+ Facebook in action. Fabio has also put the code for the userstyle on Github.

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