• Вс. Май 28th, 2023

Download and Install Android Apps Directly from Google+ Plus Post Stream

Android Apps from Google Plus

Google is now allowing its Android Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop device users to Download and Install Android Apps Directly from Google+ Plus Post Stream instead of visiting Google Play or Android Market for the installation of Android Applications. Whenever a Google+ Plus user (a Social Networking Website from Google) pasted a Google Play Application link as a new post or status into its Google+ Plus Stream, an ‘Install’ or ‘Buy’ Button will be placed and visible to that particular Google+ Plus Post and whenever any user clicked on that post or link it will take a user to Google Play store with a prompt to Purchase or Directly Install the app to an Android device.

Google Plus Play Store Android
Google is emerging its Social Networking website with Android device and by doing this the sales and revenue of Google+ Plus and Android Applications will be boost-up and Google Play store will get more user presence over Android device and on Google’s Social Networking Google+ Plus.

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