• Ср. Май 31st, 2023

Download Apple iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad & iPod — Direct Download Links

Apple has officially released its much awaited iOS 5, the latest and newest version of Apple’s Mobile OS for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV (2nd Generation). Apple has fulfilled its promised which he made to its users regarding iOS 5 with exciting and attracting new features. The latest iOS 5 features includes iMessenger, a regenerated notification system of Mobile OS and other critical updates.

The new iOS 5 also includes the new iCloud feature which supports space up to at least 5GB of storage, through iCloud service users can do many things includes wireless backups and automatic synchronization between your various devices and accessing and syncing photos, music, emails and other media through the cloud. Along with iOS 5, Apple has released several other applications to control your Airport device. In addition to iOS 5, Apple has released a new version of Mac OS X Lion that includes support for iCloud. The new iOS 5 also featuring a slew of new features including deep Twitter integration, a revamped notification system, an updated camera app, a revamped version of Safari and more.
Apple has made the following new changes and updates in its new iOS 5 and have also includes new apps and features:
iOS 5: Notification Center
iOS 5: Lock Screen and Camera
iOS 5: Safari
iOS 5: Gaming
iOS 5: Reminders
iOS 5: Newsstand
iOS 5: iCloud
iOS 5: iMessage
iOS 5: The iPad’s magic keyboard

To download the new iOS 5 updates, you need to have a latest version of iTunes 10.5, connect your device, and you will be able to update your device from within iTunes.
pple iOS 5 Direct Download Links:

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