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Facebook IPO’s Stock and Shares Positive and Negative Trading Review

Today we are going to Review Positive and Negative Shares and Stock Trading of Facebook. After the launched of Facebook Initial Public Offering (IPO) Shares and Stock Trading starts at NASDAQ, everyone’s was excited to see the Facebook Inc. «FB» symbol in stock market and it was a good start of Facebook IPO at Friday when shares was introduced with the lower price tag of between $35 to $45 but after that we have seen many ups and downs of Facebook stock and shares in stock market of NASDAQ and many stock experts and writers are claiming its because of bad and faulty dealing of Facebook stock trades during Friday’s time period last week because of which the real trading losses could be as much as $100 million for trades made by retail and institutional investors that’s why NASDAQ will pay up to $13 million to cover bad or faulty Facebook stock trades according to The Wall Street Journal reports.

Facebook IPO's Stock and Shares

According to many stock experts and analyst NASDAQ stock market was not prepared to handle the massive amount of interest and activity surrounding Facebook’s IPO launch. Even Facebook with its loss and loses its Shares at stock market at NASDAQ on Monday with nearly 168 million shares trading hands. Also, the overall NASDAQ market was up at 2.46 percent and according to NASDAQ CEO Bob Greifeld said, «while clearly we had mistaken in the Facebook listing, we still want to highlight the fact that it was the largest IPO ever and on Friday of last week, we processed over 570 million shares«
According to CNBC report which claims that the company’s second day of trading on Monday saw the price go down to $34.03 a share from its highest level of price tag of $38 a share, nearly 11 percent lower than its price on Friday at its initial trading. It’s also down 25 percent compared to the stock’s highest price of $45 a share, achieved early in trading on Friday trading. Overall performance of Facebook Shares at NASDAQ stock market is mixed up with some positive and negative trading’s. However, The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) said today that «the allegations, if true, are a matter of regulatory concern.» Reuters pointed out that many still believe that Facebook stock is overvalued, though, stating that «Monday’s closing price of $34.03 implied a 24 percent annual growth rate for Facebook earnings over the next 10 years, a rate that would rank above 90 percent of the companies in that industry.» Let’s see what will be the future of Facebook IPO’s in upcoming days and months of 2012. If you’re investing on Facebook Shares than you have to carefully read the stock market before investing your money. Currently when we are writing this article Facebook shares «FB» is in positive frame.

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