• Вс. Июн 4th, 2023

Facebook Revenue & Google Revenue Comparison

Two most promising and popular Website in the word of Internet Facebook and Google share same popularity and fan following all over the world, But there is something people should aware about their Revenue Comparison.


Facebook is now become one of the top competitor of Google and sometime internet expert thinks that they are true competitors, Despite the fact Facebook is slated to pull in $2 billion dollars in revenue this year, it’s behind where Google was six years after launch according to a recent report.


Facebook is said to be worth $59.4 billion. Some are saying that Facebook may be a bigger money maker than Google, and private investors are scrambling to get a share of the stock that has surged over the past couple years thanks to private markets like SecondMarket, Second Shares, and other deals taking place behind closed doors.

But check out the following comparison chart below. Looking at Facebook’s revenue growth compared to other online-advertising-driven monster companies like Google and Yahoo, it appears Facebook is well behind where Google was when the company was Facebook’s age.

Business Insider explain the slow growth in the beginning: “It’s true that Facebook did not emphasize revenue early in its early years, but neither did Google.”

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