• Вс. Июн 4th, 2023

Facebook to Submit IPO and «FB» as Stock Symbol

Facebook have decided to submit its Initial Public Offering (IPO) as soon as possible and according to the rumors company has made decision to file-up IPO on 1st Feb, 12. After filling IPO Facebook will become the world’s largest online social network and one of the world’s most valuable companies but the question is «What will be the Stock Symbol of Facebook in Stock Markets?» and «On which Exchange Facebook will prefer to be listed?” The answer of the first question is still unknown but the answer of second one has already been revealed.

Facebook’s Stock Symbol will be “FB” and it can use it on either Stock Exchange. There are already many popular online websites and companies had registered with their most popular symbols like Google with GOOG symbol, Microsoft with MSFT‎ symbol, Yahoo with YHOO‎ symbol, Apple with AAPL symbol and now it’s time for Facebook to get register itself in most promising revenue platform to engaged with global audience. Soon you will able to see «FB» as Facebook’s Stock Symbol.

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