• Пн. Май 29th, 2023

Facebook Vs. Twitter — Users Statistics 2010

The Year 2010 was the revolutionary year for Social Networking, and two most successful social networking website of 2010 Facebook and Twitter are likely to get most users all over the world. Digital Surgeons took a short survey and describe the statistic demographics report about Facebook vs. Twitter (A Breakdown of 2010).



It’s no surprise that a higher percentage of Twitter users ‘update their status’ every day than Facebook, being that updating your status is the only way to actually use Twitter. For all you businesses out there, pay attention to the fact that 40% of all people on Facebook follow a brand, and 51% of those people will actually purchase a product or service from a specific brand. My speculation is that these numbers will go up at least 50% by end of next year as companies get smarter and continue to re-prioritize how and why they do business.

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