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Features Comparison Between Facebook and Google Plus — Social Media War

Awesome Features of Google Plus & Facebook – Social Media War Between Facebook and Google Plus 

Anybody who has spent any time engaged in online social media and social networking knows the wonderful world offered via Google+ and FacebookGoogle Plus and Facebook has now become the fastest growing Social Networking website today and so they are also become the rivals of earch other and always try to compete with earch other in terms of features offering from both of them. While it seems that most people and users of both Google+ and Facebook are divided into separate camps regarding the two sites, both website have their own awesome features which we will discuss today.

 Here are some of the great things you will find on Facebook and Google Plus (a.k.a. Google+).

Features that shine on Facebook:  

Friendship Page:

This special page provides a collection of information about connection between you and a particular friend. Some of the information offered is the time that the two of you have been friends, comments shared, mutual friends and photos in which you have been tagged.

Group Chat:

Until now, Facebook users were limited to one-on-one style chats. But with the introduction of Group Chat, you are able to meet with groups in real time. All that is required is that they be logged on at the same time. This feature is now being utilized by businesses to conduct meeting as well.


Unknown by many users, Facebook allows you to download lots of apps like Twitter, Pose and Interest for Timeline so that you are able to integrate your methods of sharing.


With Wordbook, it is possible to cross-post your blog entries to your Facebook page. This is the perfect way to get more blog followers.

Features that shine on Google+:


Just as you probably wouldn’t want to share the details of your Friday night party with everyone you know, Google+ lets you create different circles like friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances into which to place your contacts. The benefit of this is that you can share every moment of your party experience without letting your parents know.


This very cool feature of Google+ allows you to have a virtual chat with friends. Hangout allows you to have a video chat with up to 10 of your friends and is supported by Linux, Mac and Windows. With that sort of broad support, your friends should have no problem joining you in your Hangout.


Ever wonder how many people checked out you latest, profound observation? With Ripples, you are able to see exactly how your posts spread across the site. Now you have know just how influential you are.

You Tube:

Users may or may not have noticed that a YouTube icon appears on the left side of the screen. A mouse slide over the icon, brings a bar asking what you want it to play. Just type in the name of a musical artist and hit enter for a selection of related videos.


It is pretty obvious that the world of social media is here to stay. It is also obvious that two of the biggest players in social media are also here to stay. Google+ and Facebook both have great things to offer. Who knows what the future holds for the two giants. Maybe it isn’t long before we see a GoogleFace or a FoogleBook. Whatever happens, we can be sure it will be fun and exciting.

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