• Вс. Июн 4th, 2023

Free Facebook Credits for iPhone and Android App Users

Now iPhone and Android Smartphone users can Earn Free Facebook Credits by Installing a Facebook Mobile Apps on their devices. A very well-known Facebook App development company named AppDog is now offering Free Facebook Credits for its AppDog Application users of Android and iPhone devices. Whenever a user’s visit AppDog official website or application on their mobile devices they can Earn Free Facebook Credits on spot and those users who visits the official website of AppDog from a PC desktop will be asked for their email address or mobile number and website will send a link on their devices from which they will be ask to open AppDog Facebook Application from their mobile device.

When a user will reach at AppDog Application from their mobile device, users are asked to log into Facebook and register their device for Application. This required one time registration for new users. The AppDog Application will ask for permission to publish stories to users news feed; it posts only once, refraining from broadcasting every time you install an application.

How to Earn Free Facebook Credits with AppDog Application:
A user can earn free Facebook credits by fulfill any of the following requirements.

  • Downloading and opening an app;
  • Downloading an app and completing some action in the app (e.g., “Get to level 2”);
  • Completing an affiliate offer (e.g., “Sign up for Blockbuster”).
  • Download Zynga’s recently released “Dream PetHouse;”
  • Download “Derby Days” by Com2us.

If you like Facebook and Mobile Apps and wants to Earn Free Facebook Credits, AppDog is one of the best and easy way to earn free credits of Facebook. According to the AppDog users, it is the best way to earn free Facebook Credits. AppDog has also give U.S. based users on iOS around 400 apps to choose from. Of these, more than 100 were free. Many users who joined AppDog today earned more than $5 worth of free Facebook Credits.

Why AppDog Application giving Free Facebook Credits to iPhone and Android Smartphone users?

AppDog earns money by promoting mobile apps. For each app downloaded from the AppDog site, we earn revenue. We take the majority of this revenue and gift it (in the form of virtual currency) to the user who downloaded the app. It’s simple and everyone wins: Developers who advertiser with AppDog get new customers. Our users discover new apps and earn free Facebook Credits.

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