• Пн. Май 29th, 2023

Free Windows Phone Devices for WebOS Developers and Engineers

After the revolutionary change in trend of people mind and activities, now smartphones and tablet pc’s has already replaced Major PC Operating Systems and Software’s usage. Last week HP had announced that they are going to dismiss WebOS platform on their PC’s which creates a great hype and tension amongst many developers and technology geeks.

So after that unpredictable major step from HP, Microsoft is now planning to safe WebOS platform and market by offering free resources and training to WebOS Developers and Engineers as well as Microsoft will also offer Windows Phone Devices and Smartphones to all WebOS Developers and Engineers who are interested to build their career in WebOS platform.
This news was tweeted by Brandon Watson, A spokesman from Microsoft;
Just after that tweet message from Brandon Watson, he had received thousands of replies from all his followers who had shown interest in this particular Microsoft Offer even staff from HP had also asked him about confirmation, and asking to get onboard. He had also said that within 8 hours he had received over 400+ Emails from WebOS related employees and users from all over the world.

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