• Вс. Июн 4th, 2023

Google Released Android 3.1 Update and also Announced Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google has officially announced the latest Android firmware version Android 3.1 in Google IO Conference today. The latest firmware Android 3.1 update will be released today for Verizon Xoom 3G customers, and will continue to roll out to other customers in the coming days. The latest additions to Google Android 3.1 will be turning your Xoom into a USB host. This means people will be able to plug in their cameras and other devices, making the Xoom act like a desktop computer, allowing you to transfer photos and other digital media. The USB host will even allow users to plug in controllers (with the Xbox 360 controller used as a demo) to play games.

Android 3.1 also includes major improvement in widget support, so users can expand or shrink the size of widgets on their screen, getting more out of the widgets you want. Google is now activating 400,000 Android devices daily.
Apart from Android 3.1 update, Google has also revealed new Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The next update, due in Q4 2011, will work on both tablets and mobile devices. Google also unveiled the new logo for the update:
You can also watch the live stream of the Google IO Conference here.

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