• Вс. Май 28th, 2023

Google Voice Search and Google Instant Images Feature Launched

Google has recently launched its new search feature for Google Chrome users called Google Voice SearchAndroid users are very well aware of voice to enable Google Search feature because its self includes in Android-based Smartphones. According to the Official Google Blog, the company has just today enabled searching using its web site via voice for PC users. This new feature which is exclusively available for Google’s own Chrome Web Browser at the moment. Users will be able to see a microphone icon on the Google Search button. Chrome users can simply click on it and speak their search phrase or terms (assuming they have a microphone installed of course). At the moment only English is supported by the new Google Search PC voice feature.

In addition, Google have also introduced another smart feature that debuted on the Android has made its way to the PC desktop. It’s the Search Images feature at images.google.com.  By using this feature you can upload an image or even plug in an image URL and then the Search Images features will try to find out things like a location and more. The feature will be available in 40 languages and will be supported by both Chrome and Firefox web browsers via extensions.

Finally Google has announced a new way to speed up searches in general called Instant Images. According to the blog, «Instant Pages can get the top search result ready in the background while you’re choosing which link to click, saving you yet another two to five seconds on typical searches.» It will be launched in the next beta version of the Chrome browser or you can try it out now by download the latest version that’s made primarily for developers.

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