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Historical Web Domain Names Facts and Statistics You Didn’t Know [Infographic]

Internet Web Domain Facts

Domain Name is one of the most valuable assets of the digital industry. A domain name can be compared to the address of a particular business organization that allows the people to locate it. In the same manner, a domain name is an address that allows the “netizens” to locate your website. Here are a few interesting facts about the world of domain names.

The First Website

CERN was the first organization to use the first instance of WWW or world wide web- or can we call it an in-house WWW? The objective was to facilitate the wireless communication between different departments. Since then a number of websites have been designed and developed across the globe. The first website also belonged to Cern that was created in 1991 and its domain name was info.cern.ch.

The Tricks to Sell the Domain Names

To increase the saleability of a domain name, one of the most widely accepted approach is to use the names with a character. People go to lengths to make their domain names stand out in the market- Right from the most commercial sounding web domain names like insurance.com or vacationrentals.com to most unusual names with just a single character or a huge length of many characters. In most of the cases, the things work and they are able to make a good gain or at least a good popularity!

Top Level Domain

TLD stands for the Top Level Domain that is the letters following the second dot in the entire domain name. For example, .in stands for India, .pk stands for Pakistan, .uk for the United Kingdom, .us stands for the United States (America), and .jp for Japan. Other examples include .media, .NGO, .travel etc. Last year many ccTLDs were registered. Some got a huge success while others simply left the people surprised! .nba and .you got 89th and 92nd rank respectively. .zip got a major boost at 13th rank! However, defeating all common notions, .shop proved to be a major failure by gaining the 174th rank.

Domains Names- A Viable Business

Buying and selling of domain names for a profit can be called a lucrative business offer because of the money it promises. There is hardly any other business that can offer the unbelievable profits offered by domain industry. Besides, there are a number of ways one can excel in domain reselling business. To know more about internet domain facts and statistics, check out an informative infographic below developed by team «Everdata«.

Infographic: Historical Facts about Internet Web Domain and WWW You Didn’t Know

Internet Web Domain Facts and Statistics - Infographic

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