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How to Delete Google Photos or Picasa Web Albums from Android Phone’s Gallery

Remove Picasa Web Albums from Gallery

If you’re an Android user, then you must be aware of the fact that, when you first start any new Android powered Smartphone or Tablet device; you will get all your Picasa Web Albums a.k.a. Google Photos appears on your phone’s Gallery application without any notification. Most of the user (including me) don’t like their gallery app to look messy or filled with unwanted images, pictures or photos. If you’re looking for a way to exclude all your Google+ Photo Albums and Picasa Web Albums to display separately from those photos you have taken from your phone’s camera app, then you can follow our working guide, method and tutorial below.

How to Remove Picasa Web Albums and Google Photos from Gallery?

Step # 1: Go to phone’s settings app, then head over to accounts section, and tap on «Google».

Android Settings

Step # 2: Here you will see many default Sync Settings, just Uncheck «Sync Picasa Web Albums» and also Remove Mark from «Sync Google Photos» options.

Android Sync Settings

Step # 3: After you done, Go to settings app again, then navigate to «Application Manager» or «Manage Apps» or simply «Apps», then Go to «Downloaded» section, and Tap on «Gallery» app, now Click on «Clear Data» option. Congratulations! You’re done.

Android Application Manager

Now your gallery app will only display photos of your Smartphones and Tablets. Just in case if you have setup Google+ Auto Backup option for Photos, then gallery app won’t display backed up photos. But still there’s a way to access all your photos from your official Google+ account.

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