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How to Detect and Remove Spyware on Android Phone

There are a lot of cyber-attacks that are being reported daily all over the world, these attacks are due to the increased technology. Cybercriminals use android spyware to steal data from your android device without your knowledge.

How to Remove Spyware on Android Phone

What is Android Spyware and Why Are They Dangerous?

Android spyware is hardware or computer software that can be installed on your android phone by a third party to monitor how you operate your device. With the help of spyware, third parties can be able to acquire your sensitive information like login credentials, credit card information, your physical address, and other information which can be valuable to them.

Once these important data is on their hands, they could use them in a way that could be harmful to you. Here are some scenarios on the dangers of covert android spyware.

● If a third party uses android spyware to access messages of business executives, famous politicians, or other reputable persons, they could use them as blackmail or else tarnish their names.

● If an attacker accesses login credentials, they could use them to authorize or command a certain event which can be dangerous.

● If Cybercriminals obtain your bank or credit card information, they can use this to purchase anything of their choice.

How to Detect Spyware on Android Phone?

Finding spyware on an android device requires much attention, some mimic existing apps hence cannot be easily noticed. We’ve consulted with our spyware expert Anjelica Rivera from celltrackingapps.com to discuss some signs which are an indication that there is spyware on an android device and you should take appropriate measures whenever you notice them, here are a few.

● Your device lags — Some Spywares consume a higher RAM for them to operate hence making your device operate very slowly.

● Unknown applications on your phone — For some Spywares to operate, they need additional apps which are automatically downloaded with the command of these Spywares.

● Unusual browsing history — If you open your browsing history and find some unusual visit to a site you never authorized, they could be an indication of a malicious activity which could be even an activation for spyware to operate.

● Unusual battery drainage — Spywares run secretly in the background and they will need additional power to operate, this could lead to a faster drain of your battery.

How to Remove Spyware from Android Phone?

● System update — Updating your system device will get rid of any possible spyware, however, you should apply manufacturers update instructions since some third parties could use this chance to install spyware to your device.

● Factory data reset — Restoring your android to its factory data settings will wipe away all the data on your device including the spyware. You should back up your important data since there is no chance of recovery once the data has been erased.

● Remove spyware manually — Manual removal of spyware involves finding any suspicious apps and uninstalling them. To do this, go to settings>apps then scroll down to identify any unknown application.

● Use android spyware remover — A spyware remover will be able to detect and remove any spyware on your device. You should be careful when downloading a spyware remover tool on the google play store, some are spyware apps that imitate antivirus apps.


Spywares are of more harm than good. A debate sparked over the internet where some employers mentioned that they were using spyware to track the operations or productivity of their employees but that never justified that all the data extracted were beneficial to the employer.

Take all the precautionary measures whenever you suspect that there is spyware on your device, it will take not more than five minutes to employ one of the actions but the safety of your data is guaranteed.

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