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How to Download / Install BeeTV APK on Fire TV Stick or Android TV

BeeTV is an Android video-on-demand software that allows you to watch your favorite movies and series. This software is completely compatible with the FireStick control, which makes it one of the most top-notch streaming apps. The app features thousands and thousands of hours of shows that are accessible to stream on the app. Your experience will be enhanced by the user-friendly UI.


BeeTV not only gets a lot of high-quality links, but it also allows you to improve the streaming quality with Real-Debrid integration. In order to sync watch history, you need to sign in to your Trakt account from the app.

Following the collapse of Terrarium TV, users of FireStick and Android TV boxes are actively looking for BeeTV. Let’s take a look at this Bee TV FireStick installation tutorial to understand more.

How to Download / Install BeeTV APK on Fire TV Stick or Android TV?

Official BeeTV is third-party software that will be installed on the FireStick as a sideload. This guide contains all of the necessary steps and directions required to install BeeTV APK.

The Downloader application is the very first step you should accomplish. When it comes to some of the most popular side party loading apps for Firestick, Downloader is one of the most popular amongst them. You may install Downloader on your FireStick by following our full steps.

So as it’s pretty clear that in order to download BeeTV .apk on firestick, firstly we need to download Downloader

● From the FireStick home screen, click to Find > Search to install the Downloader.

● Type «Downloader» into the search box, click Downloader from the list of results and install the software by following the onscreen steps.

● Now here we will be enabling the Downloader app for sideloading purposes.

● On the home screen, go to Settings.

● My Fire TV may be accessed by clicking on My Fire TV.

● Open the Developer Options menu.

● Click Unknown apps should be installed.

● Toggle the Downloader app on and off.

● On FireStick, now you can download any app including those too which are not available on their official websites respectively, including BeeTV.

Steps to Download and Install FireStick Bee TV Application

● Ok, so now as the Downloader app is downloaded and installed successfully, click on the app and open it. On the left, you will find the option of Home tab, open it. On the right, you will find the option of the URL field. Click it.

● Use the on-screen keyboard to carefully type the following URL: https://beetvapk.org/dl-3/

● Click the GO button.

● Wait until Downloader is done with downloading Bee TV APK on your Firestick.

● «Do you want to install the application? It does not require any special access» when this message pops up, go to the extreme right at the bottom scroll and click on Install. Allow FireStick to install the BeeTV app for around a minute.

● You’ll find a pop-up message stating «The BeeTV App is successfully Installed» this means we are ready to go. You may start using the BeeTV app by clicking Open. However, we’ll get to that part later. For the time being, click Done.

● You’ll be returned to the Downloader app window, there you’ll see the prompt below. Select the items you want to delete, then click Delete.

● Once more, select Delete.

● In this way you The BeeTV app will be successfully installed on your FireStick. You’ve also got rid of the APK.

How to Access BeeTV on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

When you install an app, the icon will not appear on your FireStick’s home screen. You must go to Your Apps & Channels, which is a list of all the apps you have loaded.

Move BeeTV to the home screen if you wish to make it your primary or your most preferred entertainment app which certainly will be because of the features that we have mentioned above, they always come quite handy. Here’s how it will be done.

● For around 5 seconds, press and hold the Home button on your Fire TV Stick controller.

● Click Apps when you see a pop-up window.

● Scroll down to the BeeTV app icon and choose it (click Select on your remote to run the app). However, if you wish to move it to the home screen, follow the forthcoming steps.

● On your remote of Firestick, you’ll find an option of Menu, press the Menu key.

● In the lower-right corner of your TV, select Move.

● Move the symbol to one of the top three rows using the remote’s navigation buttons.

● To place the BeeTV symbol as per your desired location, press Select on your remote.

● Return to the FireStick’s home screen. There you will find the BeeTV icon.

FireStick BeeTV Features and Functions

● This app provides access to a large library of on-demand entertainment, including your favorite movies and television shows.

● It is supported by a team of developers that are constantly adding new content and improving the app through regular upgrades.

● Videos are available in HD and SD quality.

● The app pulls various streaming URLs for the requested video, giving you a variety of options.

● Allows for Real-Debrid integration, providing you access to even higher-quality streaming streams.

● Trakt Sign-in allows you to keep track of your watch collection and history.


Bee TV is a video-on-demand application. It allows Android and Fire TV users to stream their favorite movies and TV shows.

The BeeTV app for FireStick is simple to use and includes subtitles. This was the procedure for setting up Bee TV on the FireStick.

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