• Пн. Май 29th, 2023

How to Identify Fake Facebook Profiles and Accounts

Are you smart enough in identifying Fake Facebook Profiles and Accounts? Are you smart enough to Differentiate between Fake Facebook Profiles and Real Facebook Profiles and Accounts? If your answer is NO than you can learn How to Identify and Recognize Fake Facebook Profiles and Accounts by yourself. According to the latest research revealed from Barracuda Labs, it has been observed that almost 97% of Fake Profiles are created by using the same gender of females. Barracuda Labs has examined 2,884 active Facebook accounts to find out the Differences between Real Facebook Profiles and Fake Facebook Profiles and Accounts created by hackers, scammers, spammers and anonymous.

According to the research almost 97 percent of Fake Facebook Accounts and Profiles are created by using female genders, and 58 percent claim to be interested in both men and women. The Fake Facebook Accounts averaged 726 friends, while the Real Facebook Accounts averaged just 130 and 15 percent of the real profiles had no status updates, while that figure soared to 43 percent for the fake profiles and accounts.

If you want to more Differentiate between Fake Facebook Profiles and Real Facebook Profiles and Accounts than have a look at following Infographic about Real Facebook Profiles VS. Fake Facebook Profiles.

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