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How to Make a YouTube Thumbnail on Android Phone [Guide]

If you are running a YouTube Channel, you might know how essential it is to make a YouTube thumbnail for your videos. Thumbnails are the cover photos that a potential viewer sees and attracts while scrolling on YouTube. So, you have to make an eye-catching and relevant thumbnail whenever you post videos.

How to Make a YouTube Thumbnail on Android

Assume yourself stuck in constant traveling! You don’t have access to your PC and uploading a video on YouTube is damn essential because you cannot upset your posting schedule.

Now, what is the issue: you cannot post a video without attaching a thumbnail. Don’t you think it would be a blessing to have an app that could help you make thumbnails on your android smartphone?

Well, it is possible because many fantastic apps have joined the game. They are helping you to create aesthetic YouTube covers in one go.

How to Make a YouTube Thumbnail on Android?

Here we will teach you some easy steps to make an appealing YouTube thumbnail in seconds!

Suppose you wish to identify how to make your thumbnails for YouTube videos marketing. You have to understand what is required to make a good thumbnail. Scroll through this list to know what you are overlooking!

1. Download Thumbnail Maker App

Firstly, you have to choose an android app from which you can combine your desires regarding YouTube covers. We are talking about: how to make thumbnails on android phones.

For this, you will need to download a YouTube thumbnail creator app. When you search your Google Play Store for the best free thumbnail maker, you will come across hundreds, and it would be a tricky task to know which one will suit you best. Here we have compiled a list of the top-notch (tried & tested) apps of 2021. So, take a look:

● Thumbnail Maker App — Create Banners & Channel Art: It is one of the best YouTube thumbnail maker apps right now. You can swiftly and quickly build stunning covers, banners, and screen photos for various social networking platforms. This video thumbnail maker is a free and easy-to-use app that can fulfill anyone’s requirements.

● Canva App — It is another fantastic app that not only allows you to create thumbnails for YouTube. But also, it lets you create multiple graphic designs for free in minutes.

2. Open the App and Start Designing

Once you have grabbed the right app in hand, it is time to utilize it. YouTube thumbnail makers are easy-to-use and won’t let you go through any hassles. Also, you are open to working with tons of features, tools, and options. Suppose you are an old YouTuber and used to create thumbnails for a long time now. You know what to do. But, if you are new to this, we want you to read on to the bottom line because we have compiled some tips for you.

3. Pick the Right Thumbnail Size

We want to ask you a question: What are the best-fit dimensions of a YT thumbnail? If you do not know the correct answer, you can’t build an excellent YouTube thumbnail. So, it is a crucial step to remember that the particular size must be 1280 x 720.

4. Build a Branded Thumbnail

Suppose your wish to see that your audience is picking out your specific videos from the YouTube sidebar. There is a need to generate a recognizable name by marking your content. It simply means building a harmonious style that shows you or your business. You can use the same sort of graphics, colors, and fonts in all of your YouTube thumbnails.

5. Set a Nice YouTube Thumbnail Background

Bear in mind: the background is everything! YouTube is an optical mark, so it must come as no wonder that solid pictures make interesting thumbnail backgrounds.

6. Use Bold Fonts

Applying text to make your spectators know what your content is all concerning is via text. So, you need to pick a font style that looks appealing, catchy, and readable. Try to keep your fonts in one color and bold. It will help your viewers to know better what will be inside the video.

7. Use the Right Color Combos

Utilizing pictures with COOL color variance is an attractive way to help your thumbnails be eye-popping. Try to use dark shades. Besides, don’t try to go with bold or skinny combos if your video is brandable. Thumbnails colors need to be catchy that enhance your text and images against your background.

Do You Want to Make YouTube Thumbnails in 5 Minutes?

Here are the quick and easy steps to follow that will help you get the job done in seconds!

● Download your favorite thumbnail maker app.

● Now, choose a category

● Pick a ready-made template.

● Customize it according to your preferences.

● Lastly, save your design by hitting the download option. That’s it!

Final Words:

So, YouTubers, this is how you can create the best YouTube Thumbnails on your Android phone in seconds.

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