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How to Play Nintendo 64 (N64) Games on Android Device [Guide]

To play Nintendo 64 Games on your smartphone running Android operating system, you need 5 minutes of your time. The process is very simple and easy. There are no complicated steps or anything like that. Anyway, we will guide you through the entire process by explaining all the facts you have to know to play N64 games on Android devices. Treat the sections here as steps.

Play Nintendo 64 (N64) Games on Android

How to Play Nintendo 64 (N64) Games on Android Device

1. Get an Emulator

The first thing you will have to do is to get an emulator. This is basically an app that allows you to play the games on your smartphone. There are almost countless options to download and each one is different but designed for the same purpose. Anyway, the best emulators for this purpose are:

• ClassicBoy

It is a great emulator that can be used for N64, Play Station and many other consoles. Many almost all games are supported and can be played using this emulator. Users can load, save games and so much more. Keep in mind that some options are not available for all gaming consoles.

• Mupen64

Mupen64 is the simplest emulator out there. It comes with basic options, without major complications and similar issues. When it comes to gaming solely, it is relatively simple to use an emulator and offers great support.

At this point, all you have to do is to download the app on your smartphone and install it. The process is the same as with any other app so there is no need to mention and explain this any further. When you are done with the installation process, you can move to the next step.

2. Download N64 ROMs

To play games you need games, obviously. For official and standard consoles, you need a cartridge. But, you cannot insert a cartridge into your smartphone. That’s why you have to get N64 ROMs. These are basically games that are copied in a different format such as .zip, .iso and so many more. Don’t need to worry about that now.

All you have to remember is to download Nintendo N64 games in ROM format. Store them on your smartphone or a memory card easily and move to the next step.

3. Load the Game

Here’s the fun step. Open your emulator and open a file or ROM in this case scenario. The game will start immediately. Now you are ready to start playing. Keep in mind that to load the game you have to click open, load or something similar into the emulator. Select the file and the game will start.

At this point playing the game is all you are interested in. Be free to browse the options and features of your new emulator. You will find interesting choices such as cheats, fast forward, loading saves games, saving the game and etc. Each one of these options does as stated so we won’t explain all of them.

When you are done playing, you should go to the options menu and click exit or quit in the emulator. You will go back to the home screen. Yes, you can use the home screen button to do the same thing.


Now you are able to play any Nintendo 64 game you like. Just repeat the process for each one and load a game as you like. Be free to experiment and to try new emulators and to play new games.

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