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How to Prevent and Manage Website Or Blog from SEO Failure

How you can manage your blog or website with SEO Failure – Website/Blog Rebuilding and Restructuring Process 

If you are someone who considers Making Money via Blogging, you are required to have at least some optimizing. On the other hand, there are various different means through which you can easily promote your blog that do not necessitate you to tirelessly build inbound links, research keywords or utilize additional SEO techniques. Focusing on all such approaches in addition to SEO will enable you to market your content in quite a few ways at once, escalating the reach of your content.

SEO Failure Prevention

Guest Posts:

Guest Posts will be affecting your standing with Technorati or Google PageRank by linking directly to your blog, but they can offer you with various other benefits as well. When you are considering reaching new readers, writing a guest post is one of the best approaches, particularly if your guest post is being approved by a blog that is very much similar to your own site. For new RSS subscribers, guests’ posts can be a good source too. In short, these posts enable you to fully showcase your content without having to encourage the readers to visit your page.

Conventional Marketing Approach:

Most of the blogs simply overlook the conventional marketing approaches in favor of online methods, but the ‘traditional ways’ can still turn out to be exceedingly effective when it comes to building your profile and promoting your blog. For instance, you can opt for your own business cards, flyers, brochures, anything that suits your requirements and is useful in enhancing your blog or website’s reach.


YouTube enables you to reach a large number of probable readers only by posting superior quality videos that are useful in drawing your target audience back to your site. Similarly, you can make use of your blog to endorse your YouTube channel, generating traffic between these two accounts. Both the channels will strengthen each other if you are providing quality for both of them.


Twitter has turned out to be an extremely influential promotional tool, and making use of it in concurrence with your site can be useful in boosting your readership significantly. The portal will enable you to generate links or release news to your blog automatically, but it can also be utilized as an easy and quick communication approach with your readers. You can use your account to ask your fans question. Generate discussions and respond to their queries every now and then.

Online/Internet Marketing:

Purchasing adverts on other websites or blog can also be an outstanding approach when you want your blog to be noticed. Although it can be an expensive one, but advertising on renowned blogs will help you have your blog exposed to a large number of Internet users. On the other hand, you could easily advertise on small but more targeted group of blogs.

Advertising on Facebook:

You can easily advertise your blog on Facebook. It enables you to promote your blog according to the demographics, selecting only such users who are presumably to visit your site. You can mention a particular age group or region that you are focusing as your blog visitors. You can easily tweak these settings to a specific marital status or educational level.


If you are well aware of your market and industry trends, this can turn out to be an extremely powerful and robust approach when it comes to reaching out your potential readers.

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