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Importance of a Virtual Office for eCommerce Business Success

Importance of a Virtual Office for eCommerce Business Success

Virtual Office services provide you with the administrative backup you need to run your startup or business successfully. For start-ups and entrepreneurs, virtual assistants are a real boon. You may have a great e-commerce idea but you don’t have the business background to run a successful business. A virtual office service will perform necessary tasks professionally so you can focus on other important aspects of your e-commerce business.

First Class Customer Service

Offering attentive and responsible customer service is essential for any e-commerce business. Today, more than ever before, testimonials and comments can harm the reputation of a company in a matter of hours. The opposite can also be true. If your customers feel heard and get their problems solved quickly, the word will spread that your company values its customers.

Customized Services

Good virtual office services will customize a plan for your particular needs. If you are selling homemade scented candles and other gifts online, you will need a different approach to your business than if you provide regular cleaning services Professional virtual assistants will learn about your company inside and out. They will know how to answer questions on a variety of aspects of your business so your customers are satisfied. They are skilled and detailed oriented and it is just as important to the virtual assistant as it is to you that your company is properly represented.

Some of the most common services provided are:

  • Receive and track orders that come on the website
  • Handle credit card declines by calling the customer and processing the order on a new credit card
  • Call back customers and vendors after checking voice messages
  • Manage email
  • Contact manufacturers

The Importance of a Live Chat

With about 80 percent of shoppers buying online, a live chat on your website is a big attraction. Some shoppers look for live chats on the sites they visit and move on if there isn’t one. A virtual office service can provide a live chat for your website that can engage customers anywhere in the world with a 24-hour service. The virtual assistants offer human contact and answer questions that customers need to be answered before making a selection. You have a better chance of attracting and retaining customers if they can get their questions answered in real time. Phone calls may be regulated to a specific time and emails seem to take forever to get answered. A live chat is immediate. The minimal cost is more than made up for in the ROI.

Reduce Employee Costs

A virtual office service will handle many tasks that would normally need a full-time employee. When you consider giving a good salary, benefits, insurance and more, it makes financial sense to have a virtual office service handle any and all the tasks that may require a specialist. Good virtual services offer la carte options that allow you to choose which services will work best to streamline your eCommerce Business.

If your business is pulling you into administration and you would like to be focusing on the development of your product or service, then a virtual office service may be your best option. When a professional with your best interest at heart is looking after taking orders, customer service, online chat and much more, you can focus your attention on the part of the business you love most.

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