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Instagram Marketing Secrets to Help Grow Your Business Online — Infographic

Instagram Marketing Secrets

Some brands may already be using Facebook as a showcase for their company. Most may have their page setup and they may be posting regular updates to keep in touch with their customers. Some may even have tried a bit of Facebook Marketing and enjoyed some success. In our today’s Infographic, you will learn how to effectively do Instagram Marketing because currently many brands are not fully utilizing this promising platform.

Instagram is more effective than Facebook in a number of ways, but one key point is that engagement rates are a lot higher on Instagram. Engagement rates are generally as high as 6% whereas Facebook engagement rates can be as low as 0.1%. So, why is it that only 36% of marketers use Instagram?

Another great thing is that 53% of Instagram users are among 18-29-year olds so you really are connecting with a young audience. An additional 25% of Instagram users are between the ages of 30-49. If you don’t even have an Instagram page, you need to start somewhere. Take some time to set that up now and add all the basic elements, from there you can consider using it more effectively.
You might think that you only run a simple business, so you’d be wasting your time setting up an Instagram page. However, that didn’t stop FedEx from creating an amazing page of their trucks out in the wild. They even shared pictures from users who snapped pictures of the trucks.

Don’t try to take on too much and focus your Instagram campaign on achieving one or two goals. Perhaps you want to showcase company culture or maybe you want to use it as a showcase for your products and services. Instagram is, of course, an amazing place to show off products and services as it’s all about the visuals. For example, if you run a restaurant you can really get people salivating as the quality of pictures on Instagram is really high.

You should also look to interact with your followers on occasion as who doesn’t love that. It doesn’t need to be anything overly elaborate, just something quick like «Thanks so much for your message!» will suffice and show them that you care.

Check out the entire Infographic from M2 On Hold now and look at how you can use Instagram to help grow your business and connect with your customers. Read all about it now.

Infographic: Instagram Marketing Secrets to Help Grow Your Business and Brand
Instagram Marketing Secrets Infographic

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