• Вс. Июн 4th, 2023

iPad 2 Expected Features Leak Out

More Information about the new Apple iPad 2 has been leaked out today, claiming some unknown features and possibility the look of iPad 2. In addition, even when the rumors turn out to be true, Apple frequently tries to deflect users away from the correct conclusions.


According to the sources Reuters is reporting that Apple is working on new versions of the popular Apple iPad 2. The new device will have two built-in cameras to use with Apple’s FaceTime video chat application that is available on other Apple platforms, and one to take pictures/videos. The device will also have a better screen, similar to the “Retina display” available on the iPhone.


In addition to the above improvements, it is also rumored that Apple will be creating a smaller version of the iPad. The device is said to be nearly half the size of the current 9.7” screen model and will fill the gap between the extremely portable iPod Touch/iPhone and the relatively large iPad. Steve Jobs had dismissed this rumor back in October but according to the article, a source in the supply chain has said that the smaller iPads are on the way.

Apple will likely hold another press conference in late March to announce the new iPad 2.

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