• Вс. Май 28th, 2023

iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III Advanced Features Comparison — Infographic

Samsung has recently released its new «Print based Advertisement» on which they have compared features of all new Apple iPhone 5 with Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone. According to Samsung print ad, Apple iPhone 5 is not a Genius Smartphone as they are claiming of with the titled «It doesn’t take a genius» through which Samsung is overtaking iPhone 5 with Samsung Galaxy S III device. Samsung is taking on Apple iPhone 5 and have provided the Features Comparison of iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III Smartphone via Print based Advertisement with a tag line «The Next Big Thing is Already Here«. Let’s have a look in following Infographic to determine which Smartphone is Best and Genius in terms of Features and Specifications.

Features Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 5:
Let’s find out the Software, Hardware and Design Comparison between iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III Smartphone and tell us in comments which device you think is Best and Genius.
Galaxy S III VS. iPhone 5

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