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Make Money Online by Turning Your Data into Investment Capital

Many businesses talk about the importance of your data and how they can help you have greater leverage over the details you disclose, but Delphia, headquartered in Toronto, is unusual in its goal of developing a feasible, sustainable, and scalable way to transform a person’s data into actual monetary gain.

Make Money Online by Turning Your Data into Investment Capital

How Delphia Online Money Making Model Work for Users?

Delphia does not want to do this by placing a price tag on your social graph; rather, it intends to pool the wealth of a vast number of people in order to derive actual economic influence by joint action. Other efforts, according to Peek, more frequently concentrated on consumer data in terms of its usefulness to marketers — although, in that arrangement, an individual’s data is actually very insignificant in importance.

Delphia, on the other hand, is turning to the financial markets in the hopes of replicating and improving on a formula that has worked and continues to succeed. Hedge funds and other major institutional investors constantly use machine learning algorithms based on user data, but consumers have a little active role in this project, either in terms of the data they contribute or in reaping some real benefit.

Delphia hopes to improve this by developing an app that will enable individuals to participate in doing this type of investment themselves when collaborating with other consumers. Users will also go beyond and above what these hedge funds would do by deliberately offering extra information on top of what is possible from their passive inclusion in conventional online signals, which can lead to an advantage in investments.

“Every day, we ask you a set of questions, usually about current events” Peek explains. So, Apple releases new AirPods, or Nike releases the Colin Kaepernick ad, something happens every day. For us, this is a chance to participate. But once we do, we’d like to hear a little bit more about you. Then there are a few problems that raise points. There are also points earned from connecting accounts, which may be anything from a Twitter profile to a Venmo account, to your location information history to your Amazon buying history.

This data would assist Delphia in making competitive stock market picks on behalf of their overall consumer base. It will take payments but will return half of them to its users who are spending their results, which Peek notes will encourage people to participate without even putting up any money. Users will also donate money, much by as in a conventional investment vehicle, but Delphia would first concentrate on retail investing before working with regulators on the trickier topic of institutional investment. For the time being, the fact that it operates in a retail investing market ensures that all of its customers can participate without any special criteria.

As previously said, Delphia’s allows a number of users on the website and app to participate in the online money-making programs. They’ve also created a calculator to demonstrate how their model can do depending on the number of users they sign up for, as opposed to more conventional retail investment advisors and robot advisors. Delphia’s model is undoubtedly visionary, and it also necessitates a high level of confidence on the part of consumers, as Peek readily acknowledges.

The distinction, he claims, is that their model only succeeds as long as they continue to gain confidence, as consumers must continue to engage in order for their benefit to stay in place. It is also worth noting that there may not seem to be any practical way to bring the genie back in the bottle when it comes to data generation and distribution, but Delphia’s vision does reintroduce an aspect of leverage, as well as a way for others who might be excluded from conventional capital market investment to engage in creating true economic strength.

How to Win up to $10 Million with Delphia?

By installing Delphia’s application on your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device you will be able to get into the money-making eco-system. The company holds weekly contest which let users earn up to $10 million each week for connecting your personal data. The company also offers a referral program to invite your friends and family members to other platforms and by doing this you will make money as well. If any people you invited joined the platform you will get 100 free tickets to the weekly contest. Following are the step-by-step guide to better understand.

1. On Delphia mobile app, you will get a «WIN» tab.

2. By helping grow the investment advantage, you can earn weekly tickets.

3. Gets you a ticket with 7 numbers by each app you connect with Delphia.

4. The company draws random numbers on Sunday night each week.

5. Maximum numbers you match, the more chance you get to win.

6. You can win up to a $10 million grand prize, by matching all 7 numbers.

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