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Microsoft Introduced New Windows 8 Logo Design

If you’re Windows Operating System user since long time than you have must noticed significant changes in every new Microsoft Windows Logo Design. It seems that Microsoft is also thinking to change the Logo Design of Windows 8 and will replace the Windows 7 Logo Design with new and simple Windows 8 Logo Design which is more similar like Windows Starter Logo Design way back when company launched the Windows without any four major colors in Windows Logo. In the recent Windows 8 consumer preview, Microsoft had introduced the new and improved Windows 8 Logo consists on one color impact.

Microsoft Windows 8 is a bold departure from previous editions of Windows. Now the Windows Logo is being reimagined, as well, and the results may surprise some people. Microsoft hired the international Logo Design Company named «Pentagram», which has also created the Logo Design’s for Metropolitan Museum, Nissan and Walgreens and many others to reimagine the logo. The company has developed the new Windows Logo consist on blue imprimatur that leans toward the clean lines of Windows 8’s new Metro interface, while paying homage to Windows logos of the past. It seems strange that Microsoft would change the Windows Logo so close to release, moving away from branding that has existed for at least two decades.
New Microsoft Windows 8 Logo Design:
Check out the following New and improved Windows 8 Logo Screenshot and Pictures from Windows 8 Consumer Preview released..

History of Microsoft’s Windows Logo Design:

We have summarized the history of Windows Logo Design from the previous released editions of Windows and have also emerged the Starter Original Windows Logo Design when Microsoft launched Windows.

Original Windows Starter Logo:
The era before they decided to add four colors.

Windows 3.1 Logo:

The first introduction of the four color scheme in 1992, and the waving appearance of the flag.

Windows 95 Logo:
This brought in the cloud background many of us new well, an gave significant updates to the 3.1 logo.

Windows 98 Logo:
Only a slight improvement over the Windows 95 logo; it is a bit smoother with thicker center lines.

Windows 2000 Logo:
Slightly more engaged with colors and contrast in Windows 2000 Logo.

Windows Me Logo:

More new colors and improvements from old Windows 2000 Logo design.

Windows XP Logo:
Here Microsoft ditched the trail effect and the borders for a much cleaner look.

Windows Vista Logo:
Along with being inclosed in a circle, this one started the trend of the light emerging from the center.

Windows 7 Logo:
A flashier, brighter upgrade, which can be said for the operating system as a whole as well.

New Windows 8 Logo:
You can see the inspiration of the original logo here. Gone are the waving panles and the classic four colors.

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