• Вс. Май 28th, 2023

Microsoft Xbox 360 Console, 60GB Review

Thumbs Up:

High definition games can now be played, user friendly dash board interface, great communication and online gamming through Xbox 360, also works as an excellent media hub, you can watch movies, play songs, view data on memory cards, Marketplace lets you purchase TV shows, games, movies online, the console has 1080p HDMI support, cooler quieter processor.

Thumbs Down:

You need to pay for subscription to Xbox Live, no Blu-ray player, ‘red ring of death’ still lurks.


Inside the Trunk:

Bundled accessories – 60GB external hard drive, Xbox Live headset, Ethernet network cable

The Whiz Kid Speaks:

The Microsoft Xbox 360 is powered by IBM PowerPC 3 cores 3.2 GHz. RAM is 512 MB ( 512 MB ) GDDR3 SDRAM – Integrated, of 1 MB cache memory, the hard disk is 60 GB.


Graphics card is ATI Xbox 360 – 256-bit – 2D/3D graphics acceleration and the maximum resolution is 1920X1080 or 1080p. Connectors include AV cable port, USB 2.0, HDMI output, Ethernet (RJ-45). The console is compatible with MS Windows XP Media Center compatible. The optical drive is DVD-ROM

Razzle Dazzle:

We all know what the Xbox 360 looks like, and this new update is nothing different from the previous product. But looks hardly matter when it comes to consoles; they just fit in a small place below your TV and sometimes are even not visible. Performance is what matters the most because you are not going to flaunt this console like you would with a mobile phone or a camera. This model weighs 8.8 pounds, is 3.27 inches high, 12.15 inches wide. 10.5 inches deep, this is a bit smaller than the previous Xbox, but weighs the same. If you really want your console to look good you can buy the faceplates which cost about $20.

Inside Dope:

We always thought that Xbox 360 was made by Microsoft because it looked at Sony’s play station consoles as substitutes for computers and not to mention the great gaming experience. But then Microsoft has worked really hard and since then it hasn’t looked back. It first came in on November 2005 as the first next-gen console and had about an year before the nearest competitor would launch their products. So they have quite a lot of time to make an impression on the market.

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